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Cat tooth decay or FORL → how we help & prevent!

Cat tooth decay ( FORL) or periodontitis? No matter which dental disease: your cat has toothache. Only the vet can help. Because only the x-ray shows everything. Over 80% of the disease is not visible. A precise diagnosis is the basis for successful therapy. New knowledge: Natural antibacterial dental care reduces inflammation and dissolves tartar! Your cat’s teeth are clean again!
Find out now how to use it to support therapy:

Ft used to be cat tooth decay!

Until yesterday, the dental disease was referred to as FORL. Today, resorptive lesions are abbreviated as RL. The symptoms are the same: the body’s own cells dissolve the tooth structure from the root. The defects on the tooth crown are only visible later. FORL type 1 is the most common at 60%. Mineral deficiency – mainly of calcium – is suspected to be the cause. The cat is in severe pain and every 2nd cat is affected!

Does my cat have caries (FORL) or periodontitis?

Only a vet can tell the exact difference. Simply illustrated: In FORL, the tooth is affected and dissolves from the inside. In periodontitis, the gums and the bone of the periodontium recede first. Both diseases are accompanied by inflammation. Bacteria are the cause. New science reveals exactly how this works: Inflammatory bacteria push back healthy germs. The incipient inflammation supports the proliferation of bacteria even more. If we manage to reduce these bacteria, the battle is won. Until now, brushing with a toothbrush was recommended. But that is not enough. How do you do that today?

How new knowledge <Cats can prevent tooth decay> and periodontitis?

Scientists have discovered: Special peptides in cottage cheese stop inflammatory bacteria from multiplying. They simply adhere to the cell walls. This natural antibacterial effect has been translated into effective and species-appropriate dental care. Your cat licks its toothpaste flakes in the evening and they can work. A little rice, rapeseed oil and BIO cooking oil ensure digestibility and consistency. Only nature – and finally healthy teeth! – that’s great!

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Specific answer to your question:

Can cats get tooth decay?

This dental disease progresses differently in cats than in humans. Cat caries is the former name of FORL. This dental disease is very painful. Every 2nd cat over the age of 5 is affected. The body’s own cells dissolve the tooth from the root. The defects on the tooth crown are only visible later. FORL type 1 is the most common at 60%. Naturally antibacterial toothpaste flakes reduce inflammatory bacteria and strengthen the immune system: pet dental care according to the latest scientific findings!

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