Katze frisst nicht

Cat won’t eat → now know why + what helps!

Cat won’t eat! -and I am at a loss! – What haven’t I tried? To find the causes quickly – you have to start with the most common reason: Dental disease! This affects 80 % of all cats. The cat is not eating – because it has a toothache. We simply can’t imagine it: Free spirits and almost self-sufficient people don’t get dental problems! What’s more, cats hide their toothache perfectly. When was the last time you saw your cat’s teeth?

Why think about teeth first when a cat won’t eat?

The lifestyle and genetics of cats have changed radically. The oral flora is no longer able to fight the bacteria. The immune system is no longer strong enough.

1. Insufficient Ca : P ratio of feed. Calcium deficiency also causes bone loss in the periodontium in the mouth. And in 50% of cats aged 5 and over, the tooth even dissolves from the inside. This disease is called FORL.
2. undisturbed bacterial growth in the mouth. The aggressiveness of the bacterial layers increases. Inflammation develops within 48 hours. Tartar forms in 2 weeks. And toothache hurts your cat just as much as it hurts us humans.

What should you do in the situation < Cat won’t eat! >?

Find out how your teeth are doing. Bend over and hold tight: Place your thumb and index finger on the corners of your mouth and press gently between your teeth – this will open your mouth. In case of redness, bad breath, tartar or other indications – please visit the vet. Unfortunately, 80% of dental problems are only visible on x-rays. That means anesthesia. In any case: make use of new knowledge. Naturally antibacterial dental flakes reduce bacteria and inflammation in the mouth. After just 1 – 2 weeks. They are 100% natural and the active ingredient is cottage cheese. Mixed with something tasty – the toothpaste flakes are a great appetizer. The trick is to be patient and lick your finger. This way you can also prepare the vet visit in the best possible way. But it can also happen: Your cat is back to its old self and the topic <cat won’t eat! >has changed.

How do the dental flakes work?

Special peptides in cottage cheese adhere to the oral bacteria. They can no longer reproduce. Tartar also dissolves after 6 weeks. Natural vitamins and minerals are contained in a balanced ratio and thus supplement the feed – especially with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. A balanced ratio is particularly important here. There are interactions. This is a simple but effective way to prevent dental problems.

Katze frisst nicht

Specific answer to your question:

What to do if the cat doesn’t eat?
Why has my cat stopped eating?

Dental problems often go unnoticed. Cats only show signs of severe pain in a restrained manner: eating little, chewing on one side, showing their tongue, stroking their paw over their muzzle. Be sure to check – because 80% of cats are affected. Naturally antibacterial dental flakes against bacteria balance the oral flora. Inflammation gone – tartar dissolves. For other dental problems, the visit to the vet is optimally prepared or the problem has already been solved.

By the way: cat happiness is being healthy – with clean teeth. And we humans are happy when our cat is doing well.

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