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According to new science: At QCHEFS, cottage cheese is the active ingredient. It has a peptide complex – which attaches to the cell walls of the bacteria. So they can no longer reproduce. The bad breath disappears and the tartar dissolves. This is supported by the special interaction of the ingredients. This ensures very good oral hygiene, health and well-being.


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Dental care for sensitive + allergic velvet paws!

QCHEFS dental flakes
after the diet recipe:
1 protein + 1 carbohydrate + 0 additives = hyperallergenic

Free from: gluten, lactose, sugar, additives
Your worries about the mouth hygiene of your pet are over.

Cottage cheese cleans teeth by stopping bacteria
Cottage cheese + rice = ingredients for light food

Dental flakes combined with the allergy feed – must not be counted as a daily ration.

QCHEFS- effective dental care according to cat nature
because cats love cheese!

DENTAL- INNOVATIVE: Naturally antibacterial effect of cottage cheese inhibits synthesis and adhesion of oral bacteria even inflammations go back and tartar dissolves.

EVERYTHING INSIDE : all amino acids, minerals, healthy fatty acids, trace elements

COTTAGE CHEESE! - YOUR PET'S FAVORITE DISH! Natural tryptophan is an important amino acid for cats supports serotonin formation for well-being. But also all other amino acids are included and support the amino acid profile of the feed meat.

ONLY SUPERFOODS: Cottage cheese, rice, rapeseed oil, coconut oil and vegetable glycerin Free from: gluten, sugar, lactose, additives

FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: ½ teaspoon in the evening as a dessert for licking pure - moistened - with cottage cheese, coconut oil etc. In case of mouth problems increase the proportion. As a feed topping the effect is less.

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Dental Care for raw feeders!

Little tigers do not have to brush their teeth! Nevertheless, mouth inflammations and tartar are the most common problem in cats. Licking cats-cheese is the healthy one avoidance or solution of this problem. Especially with a high meat content in the diet ….some essential amino acids- like tryptohan – are not sufficiently available. With all valuable vitamins and minerals it is just right for trace elements for the velvet paws.


NO MORE BRUSHING Cat cheese tooth brushing is delicious - I knew it!

CATS CHEESE - 10 KCAL! so I don't gain weight! Meow!

CATS CHEESE welcome as a mouse replacement!

Every pet owner must be aware of this! With the choice of dental care, he decides on the health and lifespan of his animal!

QCHEFS cat cheese – pure nature with vital nutritional elements + natural antibacterial effect – with that Cat cheese the best in this life situation too.


DIABETES: Low calorie - 10 Kcal low in fat - with only healthy fatty acids - no calorie counting needed. The insulin level is increased imperceptibly.

KIDNEY DISEASE: All amino acids, vitamins B vitamins and trace elements of course contain these processes the organism easily and is not burdened.

HYPERTHYROIDISM: Dental care without iodine - thus no danger of thyroid stimulation.

Finally healthy teeth!

only 5 ingredients & science!
… nothing else

Only the highest quality, natural and healthy raw materials are used for QCHEFS, which are suitable for human consumption.
A team of biologist, nutritionist and experts are working on the QCHEFS formula, according to latest studies.
Only the specified ingredients are used, of course in food quality and without any additivies.

Cottage cheese


Rapseed oil

Coconut oil


Good morning, yes they are very well received so you can even eat unpopular food! A big relief! Greetings Jennifer

The QCHEFS Story

All the experts said: “it wont work, never!”“
Anke Domaske, a young, blonde girl who knew nothing
about it. As her stepfather who was sick of cancer, she was looking for free materials.
The microbiologist researched for 5 years tirelessly, developed
3000 recipes and a spinning process for natural fibers
with the world’s smallest CO2 footprint.

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