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Cats teeth → so they stay for life!

Cats teeth
-and brush them daily? It’s even better without a toothbrush!
Dental care saves our cats pain and suffering. It’s that simple – you’re sure to be part of it!


What do cats need their teeth for?

Cats’ teeth: 30 teeth – 16 at the top and 14 at the bottom. But what else is it about? Molars are pointed and cannot chew. And it is not correct that we always confuse canines and fangs (canines are the canine teeth and fangs are the back teeth). Mice are rarely on the menu. Chopping up food is no longer the main task. House tigers also talk with their teeth and warn with them. They are also used for gripping and carrying.
But that’s not it either! What is really important for cats’ teeth – here:

Why dental health determines the vital health of cats?

1. the risk of cats being run over by a car is small compared to the threat to life posed by bacteria.
2. cats like to make a secret of their oral cavity. They endure severe pain for a long time.
3. the health of the cat is determined by the choice of the right dental care!

Bacteria are the cause of inflammation. They cause many other diseases! – such as renal insufficiency, cardiac insufficiency, diabetes.
Until now, there has been no remedy – which is strong and long-lasting against bacteria in the
oral cavity and keeps it in balance. This is why 80% of all cats today have dental disease. But what can you do?

Katzen Zähne

How to protect your cat’s teeth with dental flakes?

Cottage cheese as an active ingredient is not so far-fetched. The natural antibacterial effect of peptides is known to mankind. Even in Ayurveda 5000 years ago, it belonged to the highest level of health. But the scientists only took it out of the drawer when they realized that Peptides are the only substances that can dissolve biofilms. So why not also the biofilm in the mouth. We also call it dental plaque. But this was the start of a long and rocky road. Optimal animal dental care was far in the future. It took 10 years to find the optimum combination of vital substances and develop a gentle production process. But since then, millions of cats have been brushing their teeth with naturally antibacterial dental flakes. Tartar dissolves – the inflammations recede. And the teeth stay clean.

How do I get the dental flakes onto the cat’s teeth?

In the evening ½ tsp as a dessert to lick up. It must spread well in the mouth to be effective. For skeptical cats: Mix dental flakes with your favorite treat! With the slight smell of organic coconut, they are almost tasteless. The cats quickly notice that it does them good: bad breath is gone and inflammation is reduced. The tartar dissolves after a while. The important thing is that the oral flora remains permanently in balance. Bacteria can no longer cause any damage. This is the basis for the health of our cats!

In a nutshell:

Cat teeth! – Finally healthy with naturally antibacterial dental flakes. Permanent plaque control keeps the oral flora in balance. This is the basis for being healthy!

By the way: All cats – including sick animals with renal insufficiency, diabetes and all other diseases – can use it to keep their teeth clean. Reducing bacteria is important for every organism. Want to know more?

You can find a lot of new information at www.qchefsdental.de.

Here is our video: Youtube
How cats still like to eat cheese! – Here are some great and healthy treats to go with it – which you can quickly conjure up yourself: www.qchefs-dental.de

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Thank you very much.
Your Anke Domaske
Microbiologist & dental hygiene expert

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