Dog dental care snacks → the ones that really work!

Dog dental care snacks
– are so called because they are designed to remove plaque through mechanical abrasion. The addition of synthetic phosphates, algae or enzymes should also achieve this. Unfortunately, they cause side effects. The dental care effect is also insufficient. To date, 80% of all dogs have dental problems. This is why vets still recommend brushing with the good old toothbrush. But even if you invest in an ultrasonic brush – the bacteria are not gone.
They are just better distributed in the oral cavity. You have just stopped brushing – 1 million of them are already sticking to 1 mm² of tooth surface. And there is also a new scientific finding: plaque bacteria do not have to enter the bloodstream to initiate inflammation of internal organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys. Swallowing the saliva is sufficient. They survive the stomach acid and form new bacterial strains in the intestine. These are called fusobacteria. We now know that all inflammatory processes in the body – not just in the oral cavity – are caused by plaque bacteria. It is therefore worth taking a closer look and choosing the right dog dental care snacks.

dog dental care snacks
dog dental care snacks

What is so special about the new generation of dog dental care snacks?

Dental care – as it was 1000 years ago – say the human dentists – is finally over. You no longer have to wait until the tartar is thick enough. You also no longer need anesthesia to remove it. And our animals should no longer suffer from Diseases that no longer need to exist in our time. For example, hyperthyroidism – caused by too much iodine from algae – or renal insufficiency – caused by synthetic phosphates. Today, innovative dental care ensures the balance of microflora in the oral cavity. Together with a strong immune system, plaque bacteria are prevented from multiplying. The mouth is permanently healthy. And that is the basis for always being healthy!

How exactly does a new dog dental care snack work?

The optimum combination of vital substances must be found, which even dissolves tartar with a natural antibacterial effect and only pure nature. Just how difficult this task was can be
The fact that it took 10 years of research to achieve this. A new low-temperature process technology has also been developed for this purpose, as the naturally contained vitamins and minerals are needed for the immune system. This is how QCHEFS cheese was created – the world’s most innovative dental care snack for dogs. Cottage cheese is the active ingredient. Its peptides adhere to the cell walls of the plaque bacteria. They can no longer reproduce.
QCHEFS cheese is available in all sizes and consistencies and every dog will find its favorite snack. Even sick or allergy sufferers can brush their teeth with it.
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With # Mission healthy animal teeth, we want to convey knowledge about the importance of dental health for our animals. And our fundraising campaigns under: # Redsocks for dogs support the animals in the shelter. Why don’t you join in – it only takes 1 minute and a little something for everyone. But we can achieve a lot of attention this way.
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