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Experience reports with QCHEFS directly from the veterinary practice in Herford

Mittel gegen Zahnstein bei Hunden

Experience report tomcat Tyson

The 3-year-old BKH tomcatTyson had a serious car accident in May 2018. As a result of this accident, his lower jaw was broken and he had to undergo 2 operations in a very short time. This also means anesthesia. A plate was placed in his lower jaw so that everything grows back together and heals. He already had problems with the gums and he had a lot of tartar.

Having to remove the plate in August 2018, we wanted to save him another anesthetic. At the beginning of July 2019 we noticed that he had a lot of tartar and his gums were also slightly inflamed.

Since 07/17/2019 Tyson has received 1 tsp of dental flakes cat with 1 tsp of cottage cheese twice a day. It tastes very good and he also tolerates it. Sometimes you have to try a few things with the cats. If they don’t like cottage cheese, you can also try liver sausage, butter, goose fat etc. You shouldn’t give up there. 🙂

After 2.5 weeks we checked his teeth again. His gums are no longer red. The tartar was still there, BUT we scratched our fingernails and suddenly the tartar came off.

QCHEFS products have made the tartar much softer and looser. You can also help with your fingernail and scratch something. In this case it worked wonderfully and the effect of the flakes is amazing! Tyson is a wonderful example of how the products, with regular input, have an effect in a very short time. With some animals it takes a little longer, because you have to be a little more patient, because every tartar is different. 🙂

Experience report:

Patient tomcat Orsino

Tomcat Orsino, 10 years old, participated in the QCHEFS study. Diabetic patient.

After feeding the QCHEFS dental flakes for 8 weeks in combination with cottage cheese, the solid tartar could be removed with a curette on both sides. Now the dental flakes are fed prophylactically.

Experience report

Patient Lilly the cat

The European Shorthaired Pointer Lilly came to us for vaccination in May. The general examination noticed that she has severe problems with her teeth and gums. Since she had a lot of plaque and the gums were also very inflamed, we had to make an appointment for tartar removal under anesthesia.

We only made this appointment after 4 weeks and in these 4 weeks she got the dental flakes from QCHEFS. She and her partner cat love the flakes. You give 1 teaspoon with 1 teaspoon curd once a day.

Since cats do not like and eat everything, it is sometimes a little more difficult. But don’t give up because there will always be something the cats like. Whether it is organic coconut oil, curd cheese, yogurt, liver sausage, wet food, etc. The most important thing is that the mass is “pasty”.

On the day of the tooth restoration you could clearly see what the flakes did. The gum inflammation completely subsided and the tartar was much lighter and looser. In some places the tartar has crumbled off by itself. This is great for the cat and also for the owners, because we no longer had to use an antibiotic because the inflammation has completely subsided and the duration of the anesthetic has been reduced by more than half.

The owners noticed at home that the cats no longer stink out of their snout and that Lilly had no tartar on some teeth. Both cats continue to receive the products to prevent tartar and prevent them from getting gingivitis. 🙂

Experience report

Patient Bo

The 8-year-old Tervueren dog Bo has had severe gum problems since 2014.

Several antibiotic cures had to be done so that at least the purulent gingivitis got a little better.

After we tried several antibiotic cures and tooth gels and sprays, it didn’t get better, so we had to clean his teeth several times under anesthesia.

Also taking a sample of the gums, which was then sent to the laboratory so that you can see exactly which germ is the culprit and which antibiotic helps, did not help us. After 4 weeks of antibiotics, the gum inflammation has not completely disappeared.

In May 2018, the teeth were disastrous. The gums were fiery red. The owners decided to brush his teeth.

At the inspection in May 2019, the condition was unchanged, so we decided to try out QCHEFS dental flakes. Bo receives 3 teaspoons of dental flakes with 2 teaspoons of cold-pressed organic coconut oil or cottage cheese 3 times a day.

Bo likes the dental flakes very much. In between there is also a puffed stick. Unfortunately, the problems with the gums and tartar are in the breeding line.

Because Bo has really bad problems with it, we have to be a little more patient with him than with any other dog.

After an eight-week toothbrush treatment, his gums look much better, by his standards. We’ll keep trying, but we’re already very happy with the result! 🙂

Experience report

Patient Nelly

Since 2015, the mixed-breed dog Nelly has had problems with her gums. She had to be given an antibiotic every 6 months so that we could manage the gum inflammation.

In 2018, two large molars had to be pulled.

Certain bacteria cause gingivitis and plaque. These bacteria are also very harmful to the heart. So Nelly has developed a heart problem over time, against which she has to be given pills throughout her life.

In March 2019, Nelly unfortunately developed a lot of plaque and gum disease again. Since the owner had considered putting Nelly under anesthesia again, we decided to try the dental flakes for a certain time. She got 2 teaspoons of dental flakes with 2 teaspoons of cold-pressed organic coconut oil 3 times a day. In addition, she got a hard cracker and / or a puffed cheese 1-2 times a week.

We looked at the teeth and gums again after 2 months and the change was hard to believe! Nelly no longer had gingivitis, and the dental plaque also came off for the most part.

Despite food allergy, Nelly tolerates the products very well and it also tastes great!

We are all very happy that until now we have been able to spare Nelly another anesthetic. 🙂

Experience report

Patient Alfie

The 4-year-old mixed breed dog Alfie has had severe problems with his teeth and gums since he was two years old. His first anesthetic and tartar removal were in 2018. The owners then wanted to try a tooth gel.

9 months later Alfie came back to our dental check-up. Unfortunately, his teeth and gums were catastrophic again! The gums were very red and the teeth full of plaque.

After the second tooth restoration, we gave Alfie Sizzles, happiness makers and three things from QCHEFS so that he does not have to be put back under anesthesia so quickly.

Unfortunately, Alfie didn’t like these varieties very much and you could see this on his teeth and gums. 2 months after the last tooth restoration, he had a lot of tartar again and his gums were very red, which indicates inflammation. That’s why we switched him to QCHEFS dental flakes so that we could spare him anesthesia.

In the evening he gets 1 tsp of the dental flakes with 1 tsp of cottage cheese or curd cheese. He loves the dental flakes and he wouldn’t go to bed without his bed candy. 🙂

After Alfie got the dental flakes for two months, he came back for a dental check.

His teeth and gums look great! The gums are no longer red and the tartar has come off for the most part! We are all very happy that Alfie loves to eat the dental flakes and that they help him so much. We hope that we won’t have to put him back under anesthesia anytime soon. 🙂

Experience report

Patient Henry

The 14-year-old mixed-breed dog Henry was rescued from poor conditions in mid-June. He, and other dogs, lived on a balcony. Now he has found a great home!

Due to the poor posture and poor feeding, he had severe problems with his teeth. He stank very hard and if you looked inside you could hardly miss the reason.

His teeth were full of purulent tartar. The gums were infected. The owner didn’t want to put an anesthetic on the old dog anymore. Unfortunately, the tartar could not be removed manually because it was so thick and firm. This is why we decided to use QCHEFS products. 

Henry receives 2 teaspoons of dental flakes with 2 teaspoons of cottage cheese twice a day. There is also a delicious chewing stick 1-2 times a week. He loves to eat the products and he also tolerates them very well. 

After 3 weeks we made an appointment to check his teeth again. There you could already clearly see that the gums are no longer inflamed. The tartar has also become much lighter and in some places it has already crumbled away.

Since Henry had very bad teeth, we had to be a little more patient. 

At the beginning of September, after 8 weeks of treatment, we checked the teeth again. You could see very well that the tartar is no longer as thick and loose. As a result, we decided to remove it manually. We were able to remove most of it from the tartar without using much force.

 QCHEFS products make the tartar very soft and loose. This means you can also scratch the tooth with your fingernail etc. and the tartar falls off. Of course, every animal is different and you may have to be a little more patient, but still you shouldn’t give up! Now Henry has great white teeth again. 🙂

Experience report

Patient Ella

Viszla Ella has had severe teeth problems since March 2017. Unfortunately, their Dental Stix and extra dental food didn’t help. As a result, we had to do a dental restoration in March 2017.

In June 2018 we checked Ella’s teeth again and unfortunately she had some tartar again. Since the last tooth restoration was not so long ago, we decided that we do not want to put Ella under anesthesia again. We gave her the dental spray once a day, with the hope that it would get better.

After 6 months we looked at the teeth again. Unfortunately, the spray did not improve it, but it also developed gum disease and more tartar. Despite the many tartar and the massive gum inflammation, the owners decided against anesthesia and therefore against tartar removal.

In April 2019 Ella came to our practice again. Unfortunately, her teeth looked terrible and the gum inflammation has got worse. We decided to test QCHEFS dental flakes. Ella receives this Monday through Friday, 1 to 2 daily 2 tsp with 2 tsp cold-pressed coconut oil.

In July 2019 we checked Ella’s teeth again and after 3 months you could see a big change. The gums are no longer red and the tartar begins to loosen.

In mid-August we decided to remove it manually without anesthesia. We were just able to scratch the tartar away. QCHEFS products have had a great impact. The tartar was very soft and easy to remove. Now Ella is chewing her chewing sticks from QCHEFS again. 🙂

Experience report

Patient Casper

The two-year-old EKH cat Casper has had problems with the gums since he was one year old. The gums are very red and inflamed. Inflammation of the gums can also be very painful and the specific bacteria can also cause them to have teeth extracted sooner or later.

Since it got worse and worse, because we didn’t want to use antibiotics with him because he was so young, we decided to buy QCHEFS dental flakes. He gets the flakes twice a day, 1 teaspoon with 1 teaspoon of cottage cheese and he tastes very good from the start.

We started the trial on 07/15/2019. At this point, everything was very red and the redness was continuous. After 2.5 weeks we checked it and the result is great! The gum infection on the left side has almost completely subsided. On the right side it is a bit redder, but much better than before.

This example shows how quickly the flakes can start to work when given regularly. Of course, the effects vary from cat to cat, as every oral flora is different. QCHEFS products are a great replacement for the antibiotic, especially if it is a chronic inflammation. 😊

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