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Questions that velvet-paw owners ask themselves

This is how cats love their QCHEFS dental flakes!

½ -1 teaspoon pure with water – or mix curd cheese, butter, snack paste or liver sausage – also 1 teaspoon food as a snack in the evening before sleeping. It must spread well in the mouth – then it works – best overnight.

Today you brush your teeth with a bacteria stop!

Of course antibacterial – this is known from grandma’s curd wrap. In oral microbiology, too, the effect of milk protein on the ecology of the oral cavity has been proven by over 45 studies.

Scientifically proven: The molecules of the peptide complex attach to the cell walls of the plaque bacteria. Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria can no longer reproduce and are reduced by 80%. In this way, the entire foot flora is neutralized. The natural vitamin B complex and the other vital substances in QCHEFS cheese support this effect.

The dental flake intensive recipe

Mix dental flakes 1: 1 as a paste with cold-pressed organic coconut oil. The contained lauric acid supports the naturally antibacterial effect. In this way, the paste is optimally distributed in the mouth. Inflammation subsides quickly.

The paste can also be premixed for 1 week.

1/2 tsp in the evening as a dessert to lick up on sleeping.

If the tartar turns out to be very persistent, make a paste with dental flakes and coconut oil and rub your teeth with a finger cot. The video shows how:

How do I feed the dental flakes to my cat?

How do I feed the dental flakes to my cat?

The high proportion of unsaturated omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as alpha linolenic acid are preserved through the gentle processing of QCHEFS.

The so-called “0- and 00-rape” varieties make it possible to consume them without any problems, since they hardly contain any erucic acids or mustard glycosides.

Why is rice included?

Easily digestible carbohydrates and vegetable proteins, fiber and minerals such as zinc and potassium make it an energy food.

This variant of QCHEFS has the highest protein content and is ideal for cat nutrition.

What other varieties are there?

QCHEFS is already working on new varieties for the cat. But feeding the sizzles as treats is also possible.

Even if the cat has diabetes, you can feed buckwheat.

Buckwheat is present in such a small amount that the oxalate value (kidney reference) can be neglected. Remember, you only feed 1/2 teaspoon a day.

What does the QCHEFS story tell?

QCHEFS cheese bones were developed by microbiologist Anke Domaske and her family team from Hanover. They are the result of 10 years of QMILK research. The latest science is supposed to solve problems. And so sustainably produced natural products always have added a special value for people, animals and the environment! They are known worldwide as QMILK textile fibers from milk or QMILK natural cosmetics and were awarded the Green Tec Award in 2015. The team of microbiologists, process engineers and engineers is supported by dentists and the well-known nutrition expert Prof. Gregor.

Cats would buy QCHEFS cheese!

And QCHEFS cheese is also tasty for small cats.

If not – just a few crumbs of QCHEFS

Mix dental flakes under a blob of butter.

The cat can lick something delicious from your finger.

Ingredients: 30% cottage cheese, rice (no gluten) rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil, glycerin from organic coconut oil


Free of gluten, lactose, sugar, additives

ALLERGY SUFFERERS: without synthetic additives - only 5 natural substances

DIABETES: ½ tsp flakes hardly increase the insulin level

KIDNEY INSUFFICIENCY: Kidneys are not burdened by the natural phosphorus

STRUVITE STONES: dissolvable - dental flakes support uric acidification

OXALATE STONES: low-purity dental flakes with rice

THYROID: high-quality protein - no additives

PANCREATITIS: without synthetic additives - only 5 natural substances and high-quality protein

STOMACH SENSITIVITY: no swelling - very easy to digest

What does the QCHEFS story tell?

“It can’t work, never ever!” – said experts – but the young microbiologist Anke Domaske continued her studies. Whats special about it: Research alone isn’t enough ! She says:”The results need to become products, that will help the humans, the animals and the environment!” In 10 years she developed together with experts and her family-team many innovations – always 100 % nature – always sustainable and with the worlds smallest footprint – awarded with the GreenTec Award.