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Questions that QCHEFS-Fans ask themselves

How does QCHEFS brush the teeth?

Scientifically proven: in 45 international studies – curd cheese and cottage cheese (curd cheese cooked) naturally has an antibacterial effect. A protein complex is deposited on the cell walls of the bacteria. So they can no longer reproduce. The mouth bacteria are reduced by 80%. Plaque and gingivitis decrease. Tartar comes loose.

How do you dose QCHEFS for prophylaxis?

Give QCHEFS cheese in the evening before going to bed – then the mouth flora is neutralized. Very little is enough:


Small: 1 SIZZLES / ½ tsp dental flakes /

nibble rock-hard bones

Medium: 2 – 3 treats / 1TL dental flakes or

1/3 puffed bone

Large: 3 – 4 treats / 1 -2 tsp dental flakes or

½ puffed bone

How do I give the dental flakes ?

Everything about QCHEFS

How do you dose QCHEFS for dental problems and tartar?

If inflammation of the gums or tartar is already present, the active ingredient should be doubled.

Here is our intensive recipe:

Dental flakes: 1 teaspoon as a paste with 1 teaspoon of COLD PRESSED ORGANIC coconut oil (with 50% lauric acid – it also supports the natural antibacterial effect) – in the evening as a dessert to lick up before sleeping – (paste can be mixed for at least 1 week)

→ Because tartar has different hardness – tartar is soft after 3 weeks – please scratch it – it will come off – try with a toothbrush / finger cot.

IMPORTANT: please adjust to the size of the dog and the condition of the teeth:

Strong tartar: 1 teaspoon small dog – 2 teaspoon medium-sized dog – 3 teaspoon giants

→ More helps faster! – also 2 weeks in the morning after the feed!

Alternatively: Instead of just 1-2 treats, give 2-4 treats. This way you can achieve a faster effect.

You can usually see a brightening after 1 week. The tartar varies in hardness. That is why it sometimes works faster and why it takes longer for older tartar. If the tartar is soaked and still adheres, it can be easily removed with a clean coin, for example.

If the tartar turns out to be very persistent, make a paste with dental flakes and coconut oil and rub the teeth with a finger cot. The video shows how:

Tartar treatment intensive

When is bad breath gone?

Bad breath is usually the first sign of bacteria and inflammation in the mouth. QCHEFS cheese reduces these bacteria and the bad breath will soon disappear.

QCHEFS cheese also for gum infections?

All mouth bacteria are reduced – including those on the gums. The natural antibacterial effect also inhibits inflammation. Here the dental flakes work well – even as a paste with the supportive effect of organic coconut oil or curd cheese.

What is in it & why something is not in it?

Important: In terms of quantity, QCHEFS cheese for dental care is out of proportion to the feed. Therefore, the ingredients in terms of calories, energy, carbohydrate content, etc. have no influence on the daily ration and do not have to be added.

Only healthy, high-quality foods are processed gently so that all vitamins and minerals, amino acids and healthy fatty acids are kept.

Ingredients: Cottage cheese 30%, buckwheat (no grain), carob or rice, vegetable glycerin from coconut oil, rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil


Free of: grain, gluten, lactose, sugar, synthetic additives

Why are there no synthetic additives?

100% nature – ecological and sustainable production – it is good for people, animals and the environment! That is the promise of the QCHEFS team. For that QCHEFS won  the Green Tec Award in 2015.

There is hardly a finished food without synthetic additives – even for animals. But it are these chemical additives – or “nutritional additives” – that are the cause of many diseases and allergies – preservatives, emulsifiers, colors and flavors, flavor enhancers, synthetic vitamin additives and phosphates and much more.

QCHEFS has set itself the task of producing a 100% natural product. This has always been a great challenge. Because the sustainable and specially developed high-tech process processes natural raw ingredients in the low temperature range. These are not always the same. And that cannot be compensated with chemical additives. 

Nevertheless, the QCHEFS team does its best- because 100% nature is important for health.


Milk proteins such as curd cheese and cottage cheese do not contain lactose. The milk proteins are washed 3 times after separation from the whey. Cottage cheese is a high quality protein. It contains all essential amino acids. The amino acid profile of the feed meat can thus be supplemented. Cottage cheese also contains the base for serotonin and dopamine – tryptophan. It cannot be saved. That is why the cheese bones are an important source for it.


It is not a grain, but a knotweed plant and medicinal plant: – Buckwheat flavonoids are antibacterial. This supports the antibacterial effect of cottage cheese and improves the dental effect. They also work against inflammation throughout the body – but especially in the intestinal mucosa. The gluten and lectin free also contribute to this. – Buckwheat normalizes cholesterol, fat and sugar metabolism and makes veins elastic. – Vitamins A, D and E are naturally included – but also minerals Mg, Fe, Zn, Ca and trace elements Cu and Mn. They are usually identified as a deficiency in the dog’s blood count analyzes.


Rice belongs to the grain genus – but is gluten-free. Rice is low in calories, easily digestible and contains important B vitamins and magnesium. These are important to support dental care.


Healthy fatty acids are important. Rapeseed oil has the ideal fatty acid combination of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The organic coconut oil is native. The lauric acid it contains is also antibacterial and antiviral. It supports dental care.


It is used for blood clotting, the immune system, wound healing, bones and much more important and cannot be saved by the body. It is not heat-resistant and is therefore missing in the feed.


An adult dog needs around 60 mg of phosphorus per day / kg body weight. For example, your dog weighs 10 kg – so he should take in 600 mg of phosphorus daily. 1 QCHEFS cheese bone has 80 mg – a treat has 14 mg phosphorus.


An adult dog needs around 50 mg calcium per day and per kg / kg. For example, your dog weighs 10 kg – so he should take 500 mg of calcium a day. 1 QCHEFS cheese bone has 100 mg – a treat has about 18 mg calcium.


Here are the most important information: Calcium 0.43 phosphorus 0.43 sodium 0.13 magnesium 0.08 potassium 0.98 copper 5.2 mg / kg iron 29.6 mg / kg manganese 16.3 mg / kg zinc 21.3 mg / kg A heavy metal load was not found.

Essential amino acids with the ingredients for happiness

Fear – and aggression-free, well-being and happiness – many hormones and messengers work for this, but it doesn’t work without the neurotransmitter serotonin. It is generated by the brain itself. The ingredients for this is the vital and essential amino acid – tryptophan. Tryptophan is only 1/4 of other amino acids in meat. And it should be taken about twice a day, because the body cannot save it. Cottage cheese contains a high proportion of natural tryptophan. It can be used 3 times better than synthetic tryptophan. Cottage cheese, buckwheat and rice contain quite a bit of it. But to overcome the brain barrier, the healthy carbohydrates of buckwheat are necessary. They keep out the competing amino acids. And it only works if they are there at that moment.

Why “chewing cheese” soothes even more!

1. Cottage cheese works like warm milk to fall asleep. The messenger substance GABA is strengthened in the brain. This is responsible for the reassurance. Scientific studies have shown that casein = cottage cheese or curd has a much stronger effect than Valium – without any side effects.

Noise on New Year’s Eve, travel, separation or the incorporation of new animals – but also with behavioral problems such as urine marking, lack of contact, lack of drive and aggression, cheese can achieve a calming effect soon due to the high concentration of casein (from 1.5 h). This also lasts a long time because the digestion time is 8 hours.

2. Dogs are quick eaters, but they can learn to chew. Stress is reduced by chewing, metabolic processes and bowel movement are supported. the chewing gum effect of the puffed cheese bones forces the dog to chew. And he enjoys it for a while. If the proportion of the amino acid tryptophan from the cottage cheese is correct for the formation of serotonin and dopamine – then your dog will feel good, is balanced and is free from fear.

How are cheese bones eaten and digested?

Can my ravenous dog swallow the cheese bones?

If you have a ravenous dog, choose the puffed cheese bones for medium and large dogs and cut them into thirds or halves. With the chewing gum effect – upon contact with saliva they start to stick – and the dog has to chew and saliva. He can’t swallow them.

For small dogs – for example: Pug – take the rock-hard Power Hard Cracker or Hard Cheese. These cannot be bitten through, but must be softened with saliva and removed with the small teeth. They are great for activity. The teeth cannot be damaged.

Can the dental flakes stick to the palate of small dogs?

Licked pure, it could happen with a high soft palate. To avoid that,  mix the dental flakes with curd or coconut oil into a paste. They can not stick to the palate anymore.

What does bloating, rumbling or soft feces mean after the 1st QCHEFS cheese?

When the bloating comes from QCHEFS cheese, the following happens in the intestine: The microbial count of the microflora plays an important role and changes due to the new micronutrients of QCHEFS cheese. All amino acids, important vitamins and minerals are naturally contained. Sometimes this does not happen easily. A deficiency is compensated for and the intestinal flora builds up again. It takes a short time. As a result, your dog’s entire immune system is strengthened. The feces also normalize very quickly.

What happens to the QCHEFS in the stomach?

QCHEFS cheeses do not swell and dissolve quickly – even if a large piece should be swallowed. All ingredients correspond to the light food recipe and are light, do not stress and are easy to digest.


Why are allergy sufferers allowed to have QCHEFS dental care?

Check for milk proteins or beef on the allergy test. If not, use QCHEFS for dental care. Without meat, and cottage cheese as high-quality single protein, buckwheat (no grain), rapeseed oil, coconut oil and glycerin – no allergies have been developed yet. And QCHEFS fits well with the diet plan.

Which QCHEFS is suitable for a low-purine diet?

QCHEFS Cheese with Rice are well suited for a low-purine diet. Rice has a low purine content and cottage cheese contains no uric acid.

Calculation of low-purine dog food:

The uric acid value of the daily ration is less than 300 mg. The calculation for this: Purine value of the food (table) x 2.4 = uric acid value in mg.

Why is my dog allowed to take QCHEFS dental care with leishmaniasis?

QCHEFS are made according to the light food recipe and contain no synthetic additives. All vitamins and minerals are naturally contained. The QCHEFS with rice are particularly low in purine.

Why is a diabetic allowed to QCHEFS?
Cottage cheese does not raise insulin levels and buckwheat actually lowers it. QCHEFS do not have to be included in the daily ration.
Why is my dog with QCHEFS dental care allowed to have thyroid disease?

Whether over- or under-functioning – healthy nutrition with high-quality protein, healthy carbohydrates, natural vitamins and minerals is important. QCHEFS supports this diet plan. Measured by the daily ration, 3 – 10 g of cottage cheese can be neglected.


QCHEFS are very dry and are sterilized. With correct storage e.g. in a cookie jar – they are safe.

Why is my dog with pancreatitis allowed to QCHEFS?

With pancreatitis, it is particularly important to make the digestibility of the food as easy as possible. The production of QCHEFS according to the light food recipe complements this diet.

Ingredients: cottage cheese, buckwheat (no grain) or rice, rapeseed oil, coconut oil.

Free of gluten, wheat, lactose, sugar, salt, and any additives

Why is QCHEFS ideal for stomach-sensitive dogs?

Feed according to the light food recipe: rice, carrots, poultry, cottage cheese. The ingredients of the QCHEFS cheese bones are almost the same: cottage cheese, rice or buckwheat, rapeseed and coconut oil. Everything is light and digestible. QCHEFS do not swell in the stomach, but immediately dissolve like mush. So they can be digested very well by all dogs.

Why brush dogs with kidney disease with QCHEFS teeth!

Low protein as a daily dose – so toxic metabolic products should be reduced so that the kidney is relieved. Sour milk products – curd cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt are free of uric acid. With all essential amino acids, they are important for the dog with kidney disease. The high percentage of vitamin B complex and magnesium reduces the formation of urinary stones. QCHEFS Power supports the nutrition plan with their ingredients.

Which QCHEFS dental care for struvite stones?

With a pH value of 6.2 – 6.5, struvite crystals can be dissolved. As a protein-rich product, it forms acids as a metabolic product.

The magnesium, phosphorus and protein contained are negligible due to the small amount required for dental care.

 Why also suitable for sick dogs?

Cheese bones are dental care – not food. The amount for this is very small. However, only healthy and natural ingredients are important. But they do not have to be included in the daily ration. For example, a whole cheese bone has only 8 g of protein.

According to light food recipe:

  1. lots of high-quality protein
  2. little and healthy carbohydrates
  3. healthy fatty acids

Free of grain, gluten, lactose, sugar, synthetic additives

ALLERGY SUFFERERS: without synthetic additives - only 5 natural substances

DIABETES: Cottage cheese and buckwheat barely raise insulin levels

KIDNEY INSUFFIECIENCY: only natural phosphorus does not stress the kidneys

STRUVITE STONES: dissolvable - cheese bones support uric acidification

OXALATE STONES: low-purity cheese bones with rice

THYROID: high-quality protein - no additives

STOMACH SENSITIVE: no swelling - very digestible

DIARRHEA: Quark/curd cheese + buckwheat support the intestinal flora

Why not counting calories with cheese bones?

They are the perfect diet treats.

      low calorie – 5 kcal / treat and 40 kcal / stick

      low fat – 4.6%

Which QCHEFS for my dog?

What is suitable for chewers?

The puffed consistency is soft and pleasant to chew. The chewing gum effect

triggers the chewing reflex and the flow of saliva.

Puffed cheese bones: Puffed Stick – Puffed cracker – Puffed Cheese

Treats: puffies, snackies and cheesies

No products were found!

What is suitable for non-chewers?

½ – 1 tsp dental flakes as a dessert to lick on – pure – dry or moistened – also as a paste with curd cheese – or coconut oil. They remain in the mouth for some time so that the QCHEFS cheese can work.

What is suitable for nibblers?

Rock hard bones: Power Hard Cracker and Hard Cheese

Large dogs – bitten through and cracked – with strong mechanical abrasion.

Recommendation – encourage them to chew.

Small dogs – long activity – because biting through is not possible. With the saliva the bones are softened. Then it can be removed with the teeth. The teeth are not damaged.

What is suitable for swallowers?

Puffed bones: with chewing gum effect – they stick when they come into contact with saliva and the dog has to chew and salivate. Break it into 2 or 3 parts – then the piece is so big that they can’t swallow it all at once.

How do cheese bones help puppies teething?

Cheese bones from the icebox! They keep the cold for a very long time. So they stop the swelling of the gums and the itching disappears.

The gums are kept soft and then the teeth breaking through is not so painful. The saliva softens the chewing sticks so that the small teeth can scrape it off without being damaged. The calcium of the milk proteins is important for the new teeth. The Power Hard will be his favorite toy and when he nibbles, he only absorbs healthy nutritional substances. 

What do you recommend for puppies?

What else can cheese bones do?

Ice cream cheese bones - deliciously refreshing!

All cheese bones from the icebox stay cold, refresh and cool while nibbling!

Training is twice as fun!

Your dog will feel especially rewarded with cheese! – SIZZLES are easy to break into superminis

Cheese sticks instead of shoes - the best puppy toy!

Whirl around and nibble – harmless and only with healthy nutritional substances. Hard Cracker – your puppy’s new favorite toy!

This makes changing teeth much easier!

Cheese bones from the icebox stops the swelling of the gums and the itching disappears.

Dog chocolate? snack healthy with cheese bones!

Without sugar and theobromine – but with a lot of base ingredients for serotonin. Healthy – delicious and real happiness!

Cheese bones as barf treats!

With all important vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids – such as Tryptophan as base ingredients for serotonin and natural dopamine source for the necessary supplementation of the feed meat.

What does the QCHEFS story tell?

QCHEFS cheese bones were developed by microbiologist Anke Domaske and her family team from Hanover. They are the result of 10 years of QMILK research. The latest science is supposed to solve problems. And so sustainably produced natural products always have added a special value for people, animals and the environment! They are known worldwide as QMILK textile fibers from milk or QMILK natural cosmetics and were awarded the Green Tec Award in 2015. The team of microbiologists, process engineers and engineers is supported by dentists and the well-known nutrition expert Prof. Gregor.