🦷Dental Charcoal Dog

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New: 2 in 1 QCHEFS
Dental charcoal
Teeth clean & gut healthy

🦷 Intensively clean teeth: Delicious dental charcoal crumbs work in the mouth. Already with
organic coconut mixed. Even more effective on yogurt from the Lickimat. Bad breath – inflammation gone – tartar dissolves

🦷 First brush teeth & strengthen the gut! – with dental flakes & organic coconut in the
Dental charcoal. Antibacterial peptides stop bacteria in the mouth. Prebiotics provide
Energy for beneficial intestinal bacteria

🦷 The researcher’s trick for staying healthy for a long time: Bound biochar only has advantages!
Only when everything is digested – is it free and ONLY discharges everything bad – like gases,
acids and kidney toxins

🦷Even sick dogs & allergy sufferers: Everything bad out – they feel better. Itching gone – allergens – worming residue – antibiotics out. Ready to hand – diarrhea is quickly stopped. Quickly deacidify! Without side effects

🦷 Permanently relieves the kidneys! Kidney toxins are bound as soon as they are formed. On the
Blood count normal kidney values! Low in protein? Clever use of nature for a healthy plus!
FAQ Dental charcoal dog

80g/ bag (87,38 € / 1kg)


Dairy products (20% cottage cheese),
Vegetable charcoal (20%), coconut oil (20%), rice, glycerine from plants, rapeseed oil, brewer’s yeast

Crude protein 30.5%, crude ash 2.75%,
Crude fat 16.3%, crude fiber 4.08%

Natural vitamins & minerals:
Vitamin B3 0.7 mg/100g, vitamin B5
0.23 mg/100g, vitamin B6 0.07 mg/100g, vitamin B9 17.1 µg/100g, Zn 23 mg/kg,
Mg 330 mg/kg, Cu 1.4 mg/kg

Feeding recommendation:

Daily dental care:
In the evening after the food to lick up
1 teaspoon up to 5 kg, 2 teaspoons up to 12 kg, 3 teaspoons from 12 kg.

As a tooth brushing ration and in daily alternation with dental flakes.
Feeding tip: pure, moistened or mix with 2 teaspoons of their favorite treat – e.g. yoghurt.

Against tartar: 2 x daily – morning and evening for 6 weeks.
Please provide water.

1 teaspoon contains 1 g of biochar.
Do not take with medication!


About biochar
in the dental charcoal:

  • QS- GAP certified
    Food with curriculum vitae
  • regional from the bavarian
    QCHEFS Neighbors
  • PEFC / FSC
    sustainable forest
  • CO2 binder
    1 t biochar
    Binds 3.6 CO2
  • European Biocar Certificate
    strict limits for
    chemical compounds




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