Lucky Box Set Dog

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Why the box of happiness?
Give it away or keep it?

Your dog tells you – whether he prefers to lick
or crunchy! – totally relaxed and
brushed teeth right away!
Choose for your favorite evening ritual:
Licked – crunched or sniffed!

What’s inside?

The handle is the seat of the toothbrush fairy!
With small QCHEFS container: smart, practical and
sustainable! Also for the new ONLY paper bags!
Handmade: Food-safe stainless steel
is fully recyclable. Simply rinse off! 20 x 12 cm

For tartar removal or keeping teeth healthy!

With small bowl: embossing of the teeth and
use bottom grooves as slow feeder ! Feet
make it non-slip!
Handmade: Food-safe tinplate
is fully recyclable. Simply rinse off! 11x 4 cm

1 x dental charcoal for starting
Intensively cleans teeth and builds up the gut!
Dental charcoal is made with dental flakes and organic coconut.

filled. First, teeth brushed and bowels built up.
Only then is it free to remove acids, gases and toxins.
bind. Thus, without vitamin deficiency
Relieves the liver and kidneys! Everything is back in balance.
Also in the emergency kit: mishap stopped immediately!

1 x dental flakes for alternating with dental charcoal
Intensive tartar removal:
In addition, dental flakes with

Mix organic coconut 1:1 (by volume) to achieve a natural antibacterial effect.

1 x SIZZLES – crispy like potato chips and easy to divide!
1 x Mminis – perfectly hidden – for all dog sizes

The supply in the box of happiness is enough – to make changes

in the mouth. If the teeth are clean – only 2 treats
in the evening and no new coating forms.
Finally healthy teeth for a long and healthy life!

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Dairy products (30% cottage cheese), buckwheat (no cereals),
Glycerine (from coconut oil), rapeseed oil, coconut oil


Crude protein 40.9%, crude ash 3.58%, crude fat 6.33%, crude fiber 4.82%

Dairy products (20% cottage cheese),
Vegetable charcoal (20%), coconut oil (20%), rice, glycerine from plants, rapeseed oil, brewer’s yeast

Crude protein 30.5%, crude ash 2.75%,
Crude fat 16.3%, crude fiber 4.08%

Provide water. Complementary feed for dogs.


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