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Mminis Cat


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Healthy mouth = healthy cat! The natural antibacterial effect reduces plaque bacteria in the mouth. QCHEFS cheese only has to be well spread in the mouth and can be effective against bad breath and tartar! Daily dental care is the basis for a healthy cat life.

Cats who like to chew love cheese Mminis. They are species-appropriate toothbrushes and tartar removers for all cats – in the evening 1-2 Mminis before bedtime.

QCHEFS Mminis reduce 80% of mouth bacteria. This reduces bad breath and inflammation of the gums. The tartar loosens. The teeth are clean and as a dessert to lick, they are also a natural food supplement with important vitamins and minerals for health.

QCHEFS dental care – little works!

According to new science: At QCHEFS, the cottage cheese is the active ingredient. It has a peptide complex – which attaches to the cell walls of the bacteria. So they can no longer multiply. The bad breath goes away and the tartar loosens. This is supported by the special interaction of the ingredients. This ensures very good oral hygiene, health and well-being.

60 g per bag (91,5 € / 1kg)

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  • stops bad breath & tartar dissolves
  • QCHEFS cheese – is the active ingredient – with a naturally antibacterial peptide complex – this is deposited on the cell walls of the plaque bacteria – so they can no longer multiply! In addition, the enamel is remineralized.
  • Healthy – with natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids
  • Free from: gluten, lactose, sugar
  • 2 kcal / per Mmini – no calorie counting
  • According to the light food recipe – also suitable for allergy sufferers, diabetics, pancreatitis and cats with kidney disease.



Feeding advice: All cats of all ages. For cats who like to chew.
Daily dental care:
1-2 pieces in the evening after eating.
Intensive against tartar: 2 times the QCHEFS ration for 6 weeks
Provide water. Complementary feed for cats.

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