QCHEFS – endlich gesunde Zähne!

Healthy teeth at last

stops bad breath and cleans teeth

Why do 's love cats?

Preferably healthy! Super protein always works – and with treats it’s quickly in the bag! Crunched or licked and teeth cleaned at the same time! How to live a long and healthy life – also  for  our cats!

How does it work?

Antibacterial peptides in cottage cheese stop bacteria – just like curd compresses against inflammation – only in the mouth.

Oral flora in balance

Your animal is protected. Bacteria on tartar are the cause of disease. Antibacterial peptides in cottage cheese stop them.

Tartar dissolves

It starts after about 6 weeks. Stubborn takes longer. And the gums are pink and smooth again!

Teeth stay clean

Bacteria are controlled - calcium balanced and no new plaque forms.

For everyone! - also for sick animals

All ONLY baked nature!
5 Ingredients & science

… nothing more!

What makes cat teeth special!

Small and really hard to reach! Does your cat also not feel like rubbing its teeth clean? How clever of her! The enamel is not only thin but also soft. And you can’t really do anything about the bacteria! Today, cats’ teeth are brushed just like that: crunched or licked! – antibacterial peptides in cottage cheese keep the oral flora in balance. And since 87% of all cats suffer from calcium deficiency – use the ½ teaspoon of toothpaste flakes to balance minerals and clean teeth!

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Crunched & licked
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QCHEFS- natural dental care!
- developed by microbiologist

Only nature controls bacteria! How to solve dental problems at the source: New research from microbiology makes it possible! Sustainable implementation in innovative products still fascinates me and the feedback from customers makes me happy,” says Anke Nagler – microbiologist and QCHEFS founder.
QCHEFS dental care is just one of their natural products and a real alternative in veterinary dentistry worldwide.

What if healthy with only nature is easy?

It starts in the mouth! Oral flora in balance and a strengthened immune system – this is important and easily achieved with NUR Natur from QCHEFS!

Every pet owner must be aware of this: With the choice the dental care you decide on the health and life span of your pet!


- against plaque bacteria! - Mechanical abrasion not necessary - stops bad breath & plaque -


- without side effects - also suitable for allergy sufferers


Contains natural vitamins, minerals & amino acids


Cottage cheese, buckwheat (no grain) or rice (gluten-free) + rapeseed oil, coconut oil and glycerine Free from: Cereals or gluten & lactose

Your experience

We are very pleased about this and are happy to be there for you! Sharing – like over 2000 reviews on Amazon and social media – benefits everyone! Above all, the health of our animals!

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