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What exactly happens in the mouth?
So far, teeth have only been brushed with mechanical abrasion
But QCHEFS naturally has an antibacterial effect
and only has to spread sufficiently in the mouth -
like leftovers in the mouth after eating - then a few hours
work - ideally in the evening as a bedtime treat.
So it doesn't matter - how long chewed or
is nibbled.
Removing tartar can now be supported mechanically.
You can start that after 4-6 weeks.
Why do cats love QCHEFS so much?
Why QCHEFS has a calming effect?
Tired of chewing QCHEFS?
What is the best way to give dental flakes?
Tartar & inflammation gone?
Why for cats with FORL?
Why for sick and allergy sufferers?
How long does the shipping take?
Where can you buy QCHEFS in stores?
Where can you get samples?