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QCHEFS - what's in it?
Scientifically combined vital substances as
100% baked nature from these ingredients:

1. high-quality protein - cottage cheese
2. Light carbohydrates - buckwheat (no grain) or rice
3. Healthy fatty acids - rapeseed oil and organic coconut oil

What's not in it:
grain/ gluten - chemical / synthetic additives - lactose -
Sugar - salt - meat

Why is QCHEFS free of grain/gluten?
The dark QCHEFS with buckwheat are grain-free
or buckwheat/carob - because buckwheat is a knotweed
is grown and no grain.
The white QCHEFS with rice are gluten-free
QCHEFS - how it works!
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Why is it suitable for sick dogs and those who suffer from allergies?
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Why do cats and dogs love it so much?