Remedy for tartar in dogs – nature helps best!

Remedy for tartar in dogs
– you have found it now! You can actually end your search, because what you learn here corresponds to the current state of science. And convince yourself of the effect  – it’s very simple. Find out all you need to know here!

Why you shouldn’t use every remedy for tartar in dogs!

Even if the tartar is then gone – you should avoid these side effects: Hyperthyroidism and renal insufficiency. Therefore  please always check the  ingredients! The offer is large – but you can divide it into 3 groups: ingredient:   Algae – too much iodine stresses the thyroid gland

  1. Active ingredient: synthetic phosphorus – places a heavy burden on the kidneys
  2. Active ingredient: Enzymes – based on iron removal

Does it help or not – there are different experiences – the fact is that 80% of all dogs have severe dental problems  and thyroid and kidney diseases are also on the increase.   

Why should the remedy for tartar in dogs also be effective against plaque bacteria?

We should also be slowly arriving in the 21st century when it comes to animal dental care. The way it is still explained to us at  – toothbrushing is the best and tartar must be removed – is simply outdated. Toothbrushing is not appropriate and doesn’t really help. And tartar –  should  not even get that far, because the dangerous thing about it is the plaque bacteria on the tartar. But they are already there. They migrate via the bloodstream to the internal organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys. And they are the cause of heart disease, pneumonia and kidney failure.  In the intestine, they initiate intestinal cancer and tumors as fusobacteria. There are now many studies on this and science is also making great strides.  

Tartar remedies for dogs
Tartar remedies for dogs


Which  remedy for tartar in dogs  is the healthiest?

Cottage cheese as an active ingredient – the protein  with the highest bioavailability and all essential amino acids – plus buckwheat (not a grain) with all vitamins – and a particularly high proportion of vitamin B complex and  Vitamin K1  and Mg, Fe, Zn, K, Ca, Cu, Mn etc. They support the immune system  also in the fight against bacteria. Add to this a little healthy fatty acids –  that would be the ideal dental care –  without any side effects. And quite “coincidentally”, it is also the light food recipe  for a sick dog.  This means that all dogs – even sick ones – can look after their  teeth. Now all that remains is to find the composition where the vital substances support each other so that it works. After 10 years of research, this has finally been achieved with QCHEFS cheese bones.  And every dog will find its favorite bone – because QCHEFS is also rock-hard for nibbling or puffed like popcorn for chewing and for the little ones there are SIZZLES – which crunch like potato chips. The gulpers or non-chewers think their toothpaste flakes are great. And the best thing: forgetting to brush your teeth – not a chance!


By the way: QCHEFS is all about dental care – but there’s also lots of news from the big dog world.  There’s something interesting for you too: www. and  – especially delicious – let us surprise you!              

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