Toothache in dogs → so it never happens again!

Toothache in dogs – If you think of your own, then you can imagine how your dog feels. The pain is structurally  the same in dogs and  humans, although the  pain  can be very different .

How do you detect toothache in dogs?  

There are intense bright pains or darker and muffled pains. And the dogs’ reactions are also varied. The breaking off of the tooth causes acute toothache in the dog , which then subsides. Then it hurts when you touch it with your tongue. Dog shows pain with  heavy salivation, licking over the nose , defensiveness when touched, head cradling, stroking the floor with the muzzle. If the root is inflamed, it hurts when chewing. And then he chews on the other side. But even with  inflammation and very severe pain – your dog says  nothing! Periodontitis  usually causes moderate and chronic pain.  It  therefore goes unnoticed for even longer.  That’s why it’s part of the daily ritual – look in your mouth!

How does toothache develop in dogs?

In the sensitive tooth interior – the pulp – the pain stimulus is transmitted to the brain via  nerve fibers . Then you can feel it. Even the destruction of the thin layer of enamel – which is only 1/10 of human tooth enamel – can cause pain. There  is then contact  with the pulp via small channels in the dentine.  However,  gums  or the mucous membrane can also become inflamed and cause pain. Since the dog always endures this pain without complaint, his owner bears a special responsibility. And this also and even more so relates to preventing toothache in dogs.

Why  toothache in dogs  is an alarm signal?

Most toothache in dogs is caused by dental disease. This is something that 80% of dogs struggle with. Unfortunately, the options for dental care  have not yet been appropriate and suitable for everyday use. You have probably tried  to treat the symptoms – such as tartar   to eliminate. But it is  crucial to tackle the cause. And the cause is plaque bacteria. In the oral cavity  they  cause great damage in a very short time. At the same time  they migrate  into the body. They initiate inflammation in the heart, lungs and intestines, for example. Therefore

you should use an innovative dental care product like QCHEFS cheese. It creates the conditions  for lifelong health.

toothache in dogs
toothache in dogs

How to prevent toothache in dogs?

The most important prerequisite is the elimination of plaque bacteria. It doesn’t work with a toothbrush. Even when brushing regularly with a brush, these  are only distributed in the mouth. Today, QCHEFS cheese bones are a species-appropriate, everyday and effective way of cleaning.  The  naturally antibacterial effect of the cottage cheese  is the basis of a combination of vital substances that also dissolves tartar.   2 QCHEFS treats in the evening – the  is feasible without effort and complicated cleaning technique. The biggest advantage:  the entire oral cavity is freed from plaque bacteria. In addition,  the tooth enamel  is remineralized  and smoothed. The immune system is strengthened  with naturally contained vitamins and minerals. This keeps the teeth permanently clean and protected. This dental care  in veterinary dentistry is successful  and  is now extremely popular.

By the way: Even sick dogs and allergy sufferers can brush their teeth with  QCHEFS cheese. Manufactured according to a light diet recipe and in  all sizes and consistencies – so  every dog can choose their favorite bone. You will find all information  and reviews    under  and – also or 

I look forward to your feedback and questions!

Your Anke Domaske     

Microbiologist & QCHEFS Founder         

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