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Puppy Food – healthy cheese bars instead of old shoes!

Puppy food is in the basket and now you still need another toy?

And you hope, that the fate of a dog owner – shredded his slippers, pr has it caught you? Or has it already caught you?

Here are some tips for a safe toy with a great advantage: your dog gets when playing, chewing, sucking all major building materials for growth.


What is the proper diet?

Good puppy feed should contain the following components:

  1. Protein: The most important module ensures energy, immune system and metabolism and build muscle. The theory that much protein grows faster in the dog, has been faded for about 30 years. The puppy food should contain 30% high quality protein.
  2. Herbal Ingredients: they make up a smaller part and supply carbohydrates and vegetable protein. But still the natural vitamins and minerals are important. Dogs have a 5 x higher need for iodine, zinc and calcium.
  3. FAT: It makes the food to digest. But it is also important for all processes in the body. Essentially, the polyunsaturated Omega – 3 and Omega 6-fatty acids. Canola oil has a very high proportion of them. The crude fat content is 8-13% in the puppy food.
  4. Fibers: They are virtually indigestible, but important for the stomach – intestinal system and a harmonious digestion. The crude fiber content is approx. 4%.

Which is the right toy?

Play is very important and makes your dog smart. The right toys should be not destructible and not ingestible. It is ideal to record healthy building materials here.

But try:

QCHEFS – cheese sticks (30% protein) are bone hard. You can watch your dog really has fun and is heavily employed in nibbling, sucking and spinning.

Ingredients: cottage cheese, buckwheat (no grain), canola oil, coconut oil and Glycerin from coconut oil.


QCHEFS are free of: cereal, gluten, sugar, lactose, and additives

Buckwheat (no grain) is a super food. The many natural vitamins and minerals are important, because otherwise mostly synthetic vitamins are added as preservatives. Also, the percentage of minerals in the buckwheat is higher than average, such as magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Cottage cheese contains the highest quality protein. It provides the body with all essential amino acids. The protein is processed slowly and releases the amino acids into muscles. Also calcium is important for bone structure and the formation of teeth.

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