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How do cats love it ?

Start: 3 crumbs finger lick with snack paste-
they are familiar and fit the bill! Offer skeptics several times: Now it’s gone after all!
Effective: sprinkled over yogurt or snack paste and from the Lickimat or on the base of the bowl. As a final treat! – takes the taste and flatters the palate.

Extra tasteless: Every now and then a new odor or on the bottom of the bowl! So it always remains interesting.

Seduced with fragrances!
Start with dental flakes:
With cats, it’s the smell that counts!
– but
QCHEFS do not smell! Always a treat!
Checked and in the bag:
3 crumbs of finger lick with snack paste!
I trust the finger! Repeat more often until it’s in the bag!
½ tsp with treats such as yogurt snack paste
mixed or on the moist base of the bowl. This is also the
final treat and it works effectively.

Flips and Mminis crunch so well!
Fancy a nibble?
Dental flips: Delicately crunchy!
I am satisfied and totally relaxed!

If it can be a little bigger?
Mminis: To maltreat!
We did it! I’m very proud and really relaxed.

Extra tasteless: Every now and then
a new odor or on the bottom of the bowl and
the new lining on it! So it stays interesting!

The extra low odor dental flips or
Mminis in treats such as yogurt snack paste
Sauce, feed juice or softened tuna
hidden and sometimes hung on the fishing rod
so the cat is always new to the delicious teeth
cleaning seduces!

Even more effective and intensive!
For inflammation & tartar removal!
If you make it – add 1 drop of organic coconut oil

naturally antibacterial support.

Distribution simply couldn’t be better!

Licked off the little Lickimat!

Kitty Orange: With the great slow feeder

Eaten more slowly and drinking bowl empty!
The larger Lickimat Felix is also great.

With ½ teaspoon of dental flakes for 80 g content, 1 bag is enough
at least 2 months.
Inflammation and tartar gone – teeth clean and mineral
Budget balanced: With 3 € / month! QCHEFS is worth it!

ONLY natural – free from: Gluten- Sugar- Lactose
High quality protein (cottage cheese) with all the

Amino acids – low carbohydrates (rice) and
healthy fatty acids (rapeseed oil – organic coconut oil)

Bacteria in the mouth are controlled! – with
the teeth, the immune system develops
of the velvet paw. Natural vitamins and minerals
carefully manufactured, everything stays inside: calcium
Magnesium, zinc, iron and trace elements.
Vital: daily vitamin and mineral supplements
Balance the budget! Cats do not save.

Please give your cat some time! Several times
and suddenly it is the right moment after all.
Wait a minute! It must be a new addition to the bag.
Finger lick: I trust my mistress – 3 crumbs
with snack paste or favorite treat. Even if it
sometimes takes longer – it has always worked!
It’s worth the little effort to stay healthy!

The dental flakes for cats have a slightly higher protein content
and are therefore more suitable for cats. Both without additives – therefore both are allowed.

Simply put them in the blender – then they are dental flakes.

Familiar finger lick: 3 crumbs with yogurt- snack paste or food! Tastes good – does you good and
accepted as prey!

With ½ teaspoon of treats such as yogurt snack paste.
Or on the moist base of the bowl and food on top.
Then it is the final treat and works against the bacteria.

Cat food consists of 90 % protein and 10 % carbohydrates – which are important for the metabolism.
QCHEFS is only dental care and delivers in absolute terms
less than 1 % of the carbohydrates.
As a dental care product, it is negligible in relation to food.
Without side effects, ONLY nature controls the bacteria.
Vitamins and minerals – especially calcium – are needed daily.
balanced. That’s important for cats:
The budget is balanced – on a daily basis. For cats very
important – they do not save.

Yes – but more effective: on the bottom of the bowl with some food mixed in
and the rest of the food on top. So is the final treat! –
spreads in the mouth and works!

Type 1 ( 95% ) Here the dental problems are caused by bacteria.
The dental flakes stop the bacteria with naturally antibacterial peptides.

They adhere to the cell walls of the bacteria and these can no longer reproduce.

TYPE 2 ( 5 %) : The tooth is destroyed from the inside out.
This is due to a lack of calcium. Cats must be given this daily. equalize.
Research veterinarians: Ca : P must be 1.35 : 1. Supplement dental flakes
the calcium. Accompanying bacteria are also controlled here.

Bacterial control and balancing of calcium works against
the causes of both FORL types.

The effect of the medication and the disease is not
influenced. There are no side effects and many years of good
experience. Controlling the bacteria reduces the
Stress on the immune system. The mineral and vitamin
household is balanced – on a daily basis. For cats very
important – they do not save.

No dairy products for cats – they often cannot tolerate lactose!
But the highest quality protein is milk protein. They are all
essential amino acids are evenly distributed.
For example, the amino acid tryptophan in meat is only ¼
of the other amino acids. And must be given 2 x daily. Needs to be supplied-
as the body cannot store it.
The trick: Sour milk products such as curd, yoghurt and sour cream contain hardly any lactose. The cat can handle this well.
The amino acid profile is balanced and the body can use it to build muscle and does not convert it into fat.

7 min. Nose work like chasing mice for 1 hour!

Cats only like to train their techniques
and reactions. Hunger influences them
hardly. Any time – the sniffer toothbrush:
My best hunting ground!

Odor also strengthens the bond
between them: First with the hands
reach in! Differentiate odors
is hard work for the olfactory system and
brain. Particularly challenging are
the low-odor dental flips! And they
are porous and absorb odors quickly.


Still as good as new: And for 7 years
in use. This quality is convincing.
For intensive nose work! – deep and with
high density made of robust durable
Anti-pilling fleece!

Pollutant-free and dirt-repellent/
machine washable/suitable for tumble drying

With the “Animal welfare compliant” seal of approval
excellent and Made in Germany.
Manufactured by Knauders Best:
Sniffing toothbrush: 75 x 13 x 7 cm

Seat of the toothbrush fairy
QCHEFS Tin & Bowl
Not only stylish – also sustainable! The

ONLY paper bags in the QCHEFS box
decanted. QCHEFS stays fresh and is
protected. How to be more sustainable? There will be more on this soon.

The toothbrush fairy duo
Tin bowl
12 cm x 20 cm 11cm x 4 cm

Handmade: Food safe
Tinplate! – the bowl as a slow feeder
for slow feeding is non-slip!
Dishwasher safe- hand wash

Fact: The enamel on cats’ teeth is
soft and very thin. It is only
1/10 of human tooth enamel.
QCHEFS remineralizes tooth enamel to
71 % again and again and protects the teeth.

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