Sniffing fun for dog

Great fun! - sniffed - crunched and brushed teeth

What fits best?

Pollutant-free – robust and durable!
used daily – the first one is still alive after 7 years.
QCHEFS are low odor – no problem!
Sniffing is a bit of an effort – so the reward is twofold: a tasty, healthy snack and your teeth are brushed too!
Mminis – for everyone and suitable for the little ones!
Puffed treats – ideal for the big ones
SIZZLES – like chips and easy to chip apart

Sniffing calms you down!
7 min. Nose work = 1h walk
already the beloved evening ritual!
Brushing the teeth is also part of it.  

Sniffer lawn for at home– with 60 x 60 cm

also a new favorite place to chill out and check – surely something is still hidden.       

Sniffing toothbrush to go! – with clever pockets for super rewards! Fits in every
Bag. Larger dogs are also kept busy.    

Sniff Box-  Each of the 6 areas offers something new – the can be varied again for nose and skill training –  also great for dogs or people with disabilities!      

You’re sure to find the right one for you!