Licking fun for cats

Enjoy and brush the teeth! deliciously healthy dental flakes or dental charcoal from the LickiMat – simply sprinkle over some yogurt or snack paste!

Extra tasteless! Always with a treat – like a blob of tuna butter, jelly, sauce, broth or some food! So it takes on a taste – spreads well in the mouth and works.

Instead of one bite and gone: LickiMat is a great slow feeder. Feed is better utilized. The feeling of satiety at the right time. Relaxed – healthy and happy!

What exactly happens in the mouth?

Intensive teeth cleaning: bad breath – inflammation gone! Tartar usually begins to dissolve after 6 weeks. Protected from pathogenic bacteria! If it takes longer – just keep going: Suddenly it’s gone!

Intensive: Inflammation & tartar removed

1. dental flakes & organic coconut

Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of yogurt on the lick mat and sprinkle some organic coconut on top!


2. dental charcoal
Ready-mixed: dental flakes + organic coconut + activated charcoal
2 teaspoons of yogurt on the licking mat and delicious black crumbs on top.

Simply rinsed off! Pollutant-free, durable and food-safe rubber!

Lickimat Felix: Scale for scale – the tongue fits right in. Also fill some scales with a little broth – this way it absorbs moisture.
First the licking mat is licked clean – then the fur. Tasty and well done!

Lickimat Kitty: The cool drinking bowl is always empty first. The mini format is also sufficient and is also great for a snack between meals. Brushed my teeth and balanced my calcium.

Quickly checked: tastes good and is good for you! You can’t forget – give it a try!