Licking fun for dogs

Licking fun much more than just clean teeth!

Licked – relaxed and teeth clean!
Why not always solve a problem so easily and with so much fun? – asks your dog.

Lickimat pimples filled with treats:
Prevented: yogurt and dental flakes on top!
Tartar removal: yogurt and charcoal over it!
OR sprinkle with organic coconut and dental flakes!

Licking makes you happy!

Just like after sport: clear your head and think clearly again! A great ritual for well-being and brushing your teeth at the same time!

Lickimat: Run it over with a long tongue and twist it in your mouth – there’s no better way to spread it!
Dental flakes or dental charcoal work effectively.

Simply rinsed off! Pollutant-free, durable and food-safe rubber!

Which is the right one?

Lickimat Buddy: For small and large dogs – who lift it into their mouth with the tip of their tongue and for energetic dogs! Also available in a bundle with dental charcoal!

Lickimat Yoggie Pot: Even with a long tongue it takes time – your dog is busy! But filling is child’s play!
Whether deliciously healthy in the microwave or from the freezer:
Quick and easy! Also in a bundle with dental charcoal!

Lickimat Soother: For taller ones – who like to work with their whole tongue and a bit of stamina! With organic coconut or
Yogurt filled the pimples – so leftovers are easily rinsed off. Not suitable for nibblers!

Lickimat Splash: Attached to the wall with the suction cup – licked and positively reinforced! – with everything – which is upsetting.
Situation relaxed!

Lickimat Wooble: Cool anti-snagging bowl! A bit of skill please, and not just a quick bite.
Turned inside out: Licking fun for small and big dogs!

Something for every type of gourmet! Please choose!