Taster fun

Tasted - crunched and teeth brushed - cats love it!

Why and how?
First we take a sniff! – pay attention! Cats even smell a greater variety of scents than dogs. And what wouldn’t you do for a treat that also has such a delicious crunch? To clean teeth and balance calcium.

QCHEFS are low odor – no problem! Briefly soaked in yogurt, feed or tuna juice – it is also very tasty.
Even a velvet paw can no longer resist. For real crunchy cats, there are the Mminis – dainty, delicate toothbrush flips for
the gentle predators.

Taster toothbrush with clever pockets! Suddenly your cat has patience for fishing for the super reward.
Important: Pollutant-free – robust and durable!

Trying out is fun!
7 min. Nose work and time together – which strengthens your bond.
Deliciously crunchy and teeth clean!

Making cats happy – it’s not that difficult!
Try it like this!