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How does Dental Charcoal solve our problem?
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How does dental charcoal work?

No long-term vitamin deficiency: healthy food in, bad food out! Dental charcoal is filled with dental flakes and organic coconut, providing effective teeth cleaning. It also strengthens your gut and immune system with prebiotics and vitamins. Activated charcoal binds to gases, acids, and toxins, removing them to restore balance.

Dental charcoal: An intensive recipe already mixed! Spread it well in your mouth as a final treat; it’s naturally antibacterial. Peptides in cottage cheese inhibit the uncontrolled growth of bacteria, eliminating bad breath and inflammation while breaking down tartar. Bacterial toxins are bound, and oral flora is balanced.

In the emergency kit! Ready to use immediately – because it’s delicious!
Acute: Diarrhea – nausea until recovery
Cure: Inflammation and tartar reduced
Worming cure or antibiotics Intestine built up!
Long-term: liver and kidneys relieved! Blood values can be monitored via!

Dental charcoal: The delicious crumbs over yogurt or snack paste and sprinkled with
licked from the licking mat!
Effective from Lickimat: better distribution in the mouth!

Dental charcoal/dental flakes Ration:
1 teaspoon up to 5 kg – 2 teaspoons up to 12 kg – 3 teaspoons from 12 kg

Cat: ½ TL
1 teaspoon of dental charcoal contains 1 g of biochar
Evening: Dental charcoal Morning: Dental flakes
or alternate daily.

When giving medication:

As a precautionary measure, alternatively mix
dental flakes with organic coconut or discuss
with the vet.

Everything at a glance!
How does dental charcoal solve our problem?

Everything at a glance:
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How to treat gastrointestinal inflammation?

The activated charcoal attracts the dental flakes like a magnet.
As prebiotics, rice and organic coconut soothe and repair the skin.
Gastric and intestinal mucosa and provide for the intestinal structure
new energy for the multiplication of beneficial bacteria.
Boosters with potatoes or carrots.
Free again – the coal binds gases, acids and toxins and conducts
them out. Piles are normal – just a little darker.

Simply reducing protein intake for kidney disease isn’t the best approach. A better solution is to use activated charcoal to bind toxic ammonia during protein breakdown, providing long-term relief for the liver and kidneys. Based on recent scientific findings, activated charcoal filled with nutrients is used in human medicine for kidney patients, similar to dental charcoal with dental flakes and organic coconut. This ensures there’s no long-term vitamin deficiency.

Blood values like liver enzymes, creatinine phosphate, and urea levels can be monitored to confirm improvements. Kidney health is maintained for longer, and positive changes can be observed after just six weeks.

Licked- sniffed and relaxed! Let’s solve situations
easily. Licked off the Lickimat – flakes and
charcoal are even more effective.
Sniffing toothbrush: 7 minutes of searching for treats – like a 1 hour walk!
Your head is free again – just like when you do sport. Your dog is happy.
Give it a try!

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