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How to remove tartar?

When swallowed, QCHEFS spreads best in the mouth and works effectively.

The intensive recipe: Dental flakes with organic coconut!
Dental flakes Ration: 1 teaspoon up to 5 kg- 2 teaspoons up to 12 kg- 3 teaspoons from 12 kg

1. prepared as a paste:
1 bag of dental flakes in a glass jar mixed with an equal volume of organic coconut oil (liquid at 25°C).

Organic coconut oil is a healthy fat that spreads better and has a natural antibacterial effect with 50 % lauric acid.
Does not need to go in the fridge.

2. organic coconut sprinkled with dental flakes!
2 tsp organic coconut (spoon into hot water – dry off!)

It melts – pour onto the Lickimat.
Sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of dental flakes and leave to cool.

The effect of the charcoal is enhanced when it’s spread in the mouth, but it’s even more effective when licked off the LickiMat! Choose the LickiMat based on your dog’s temperament. Fill the nubs of the mat with 2 teaspoons of yogurt so everything can be easily picked up. With a long tongue and a twist into the mouth, the distribution couldn’t be better!

The intensive recipe – already mixed!
What is dental charcoal?

Dental flakes with organic coconut! Each teaspoon contains 1 gram of vegetable charcoal, offering delicious crumbs of dental charcoal that your dog can enjoy plain or with yogurt. Your dog will lick it up eagerly. The researchers’ trick: it is free in the intestine and binds only toxins and acids, not vitamins!

Also in alternation with the dental flakes!

After 2 weeks the oral flora is back in balance.
First the bad breath is gone! It is the sign: Ration
is sufficient. Tartar begins to dissolve after 6 weeks.
More persistent can take longer. Bacteria are controlled – they are the cause of illness. Your dog is protected. Experience shows – with a little patience – the tartar falls off.
We are here for you!

If the teeth are clean: 2 teaspoons mixed with yogurt or 2 treats in the evening. This prevents a coating from forming.
If something forms again – simply work against it as at the start.

Natural dental care with the best price/performance ratio:
Inflammation & tartar gone – teeth stay clean for approx. 5 € / month or 20 cents / day

Even more effective: licked off the LickiMat! With a long tongue and a twist into the mouth, distribution simply couldn’t be better!

Dental flakes:
Small bag
90 g = 32 tsp

Paper refill bags ONLY
140 g = 50 tsp

Treats by weight :
20 to 30 pieces

Sticks: ½ stick per day
3 – 4 sticks

As soon as your pet starts to nibble, let them! Their immune system develops along with their teeth, requiring natural vitamins and minerals like Vitamin K1 for blood formation, the Vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and manganese. The rock-hard puppy bone is perfect for chewing, and your furry friend will love it!

No worries: it’s gentle on teeth and won’t break apart easily. Your pet can only remove what it has softened. The oral flora remains balanced, and bacteria are kept in check.

During teething, chilled bones from the freezer can soothe the gums, soften the area, and alleviate itching, helping the new teeth come through more easily.

To nibble on:

Crunchy like potato chips – easy to divide for training and
great reward

Don’t feel like chewing? Simply put the puffed treats in the blender – then they are dental flakes. Treats – like yogurt mixed in – even 2 teaspoons of food will work.
Or soak treats in the favorite treat – like yogurt – snack paste – organic coconut oil – it works.

What to do? Nothing is happening?
Bad breath should be gone after 2 weeks.
And inflammation also goes away slowly back. If nothing happens here – we have to do change something:
More intensive: Dental flakes with organic coconut
Increase ration: Double ration 2 x daily.
Distribute better: Licked off the LickiMat

Does bad breath and inflammation go away? Yes, with the right solution, it works. All we need now is patience. Tartar starts dissolving after about six weeks. If it’s mineralized, it may take longer, around 3-4 months, but it will eventually disappear.

Don’t worry—when provided with the right diet, your dog is protected from bacteria, the actual pathogens. Tartar is merely a hardened framework to which they cling.

We’re here for you!


QCHEFS works in the mouth – as a final treat it is the
most effective. Mix with 2 teaspoons of food – on the bottom of the bowl and put the food on top. Also as a dessert with treats such as mixed yogurt – it’s still a super treat!

Free from food mites! No wheat grain is processed and all raw materials are wheat-free. Nevertheless, there is strict monitoring for the
delivery of raw materials throughout the entire production process.
The products are packaged immediately after sterilization.
If QCHEFS are also protected in a jar at home – you can be sure.

Simply build up the intestines with 1/2 teaspoon for 2 weeks.
Then the normal dental flake ration. Then nothing happens. Also for all those who are not allowed to have anything else.

Specialized veterinarians use QCHEFS and there are many years of experience.
good experiences.

Without side effects and influence on the disease! As
Dental care is negligible in relation to the food!
Low calorie – 5 kcal/tsp / treat and low fat approx. 4 – 6 %

Hypoallergenic! – also for those who are allowed NOTHING else.
Buckwheat – no grains and rice – light and gluten-free.

Can’t tolerate milk protein? The allergens do not survive the
manufacture. Almost everyone tests it and tolerates it well – despite
positive allergy test.


Insulin levels hardly affected

Kidney disease:
Treats: 1 g protein/ 14 mg phosphorus

Kidney stones: No influence


QCHEFS with rice very low in purine

Epilepsy: tryptophan & valuable vitamin B complex

Stress/anxiety: natural messenger substance GABA calms you down – like drinking milk to fall asleep

Free from: Cereals / gluten – lactose – chemical additives

An adult dog needs around 60 mg of phosphorus per day / kg. For example, if your dog weighs 10 kg, he should consume 600 mg of phosphorus a day. 1 QCHEFS cheese bone has 80 mg – a treat has 14 mg phosphorus.

An adult dog needs around 50 mg of calcium per day and per kg. For example, if your dog weighs 10 kg, he should consume 500 mg of calcium a day. 1 QCHEFS cheese bone has 100 mg – a treat has approx. 18 mg calcium.

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