Mouth healthy = pet healthy!
stops bad breath and brushes teeth

Naturally antibacterial !

- against plaque bacteria! - Mechanical abrasion is not necessary - stops bad breath & plaque

Pure Nature !

- without side effects - Also suitable for allergy sufferers

For health!

Contains natural vitamins, minerals & amino acids

Only 5 Superfoods !

Cottage cheese, buckwheat (no cereals) or rice + rapeseed oil, coconut oil and glycerin Free of: cereals, gluten & lactose

Find the most favorite cheese!



– finally healthy teeth! 

stops bad breath & and brushes teeth

According to new science: At QCHEFS, cottage cheese is the active ingredient. It has a peptide complex – which attaches to the cell walls of the bacteria. So they can no longer reproduce. The bad breath disappears and the tartar dissolves. This is supported by the special interaction of the ingredients. This ensures very good oral hygiene, health and well-being.


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    Dental Flakes


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    Dental Flakes for Cats


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    Puffed Cracker


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  • Only high Power Resources


    Cottage cheese








    Coconut oil


    Rapseed oil

    Only the highest quality, natural and healthy raw materials are used for QCHEFS, which are suitable for human consumption.

    A team of biologist, nutritionist and experts are working on the QCHEFS formula, according to latest studies.
    Only the specified ingredients are used, of course in food quality and without any additivies.

    Basis for being healthy

    Cottage cheese peptides stick
    to the cell walls of the plaque bacteria.
    You can no longer reproduce.
    Science shows: bacteria are the cause
    for heart failure, pulmonary inflammation.
    Darmprobleme, Gelenkschmerzen und mehr.

    And they don’t necessarily have to be over that
    Bloodstream in the body – the swallowing of the
    saliva is enough!
    That is why biofilm management is the
    most innovative dental care! – now also in the
    Veterinary medicine! Studies show: healthy teeth
    extend life by 4 – 6 years

    I won't fall asleep without my bedtime treat!

    Everyone loves their good night ritual and take great care- that it won’t be forgotten. Clean and healthy teeth are more important to our animals than we previously knew.

    And also they love that way of life. And we don’t have to worry anymore! About brushing teeth and not about being healthy!

    QCHEFS Käse

    according to a health food recipe!
    Zahnstein entfernen

      without synthetic additives - only 5 natural substances

      only natural phosphorus does not burden the kidneys

      no swelling - very digestible

      Cottage cheese and buckwheat barely raise insulin levels

    Newest Information

    QCHEFS Infos

    QCHEFS Infothek All about QCHEFS All about QCHEFS von Anke Domaske Dental fibel Dental care manual von Anke Domaske

    The QCHEFS Story

    All the experts said: “it wont work, never!”“

    Anke Domaske, a young, blonde girl who knew nothing
    about it. As her stepfather who was sick of cancer, she was looking for free materials.
    The microbiologist researched for 5 years tirelessly, developed
    3000 recipes and a spinning process for natural fibers
    with the world’s smallest CO2 footprint.
    These are like silk fibers, can be composted and
    are made of renewable raw materials.
    For this, she was awarded the NASA Award and GreenTec award among others.
    During her research, she discovered the health-promoting
    Properties of milk proteins and finds out that
    Cheese is 80% of caries bacteria reduced.
    So this is how the QCHEFS cheese bone and many other products, resulted
    Which are good for people and the environment.

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