Brushing teeth for nibblers!

Nibble the rock hard ones for a treat!
With Saliva softened and nibbled off – gentle on teeth and a wonderfully long pleasure.
Smaller dogs in particular – such as pugs and terriers love them!
But as always – no rules without exceptions!

Important: They cannot bite through the sticks.
Your dog has so much biting power? – then simply choose the puffed ones.
They simply crumble in the mouth and work – so the teeth are cleaned!
Without risk: not the right one? Then simply place for 45 sec. with ½ glass of water in the microwave – puffed and chewed!

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Dental care for: First remove tartar!

Start with the intensive recipe:
1 bag of dental flakes in a glass and approximately the same amount by volume
organic coconut oil (liquid at 25°C) and mix. Can be kept without refrigeration until used up.
Easy to remove: Spoon into hot water – dry off and it melts immediately.
The organic coconut oil spreads better and also provides natural antibacterial support with lauric acid.
Licked up in the morning and evening (approx. 6 weeks) as a dessert.
QCHEFS works in the mouth and only needs to spread a little.
Dental flakes Ration: 1 teaspoon up to 5 kg- 2 teaspoons up to 12 kg- 3 teaspoons from 12 kg

When does what happen?
First, bad breath is gone:
bacteria are under control!
Porous tartar dissolves after approx. 6 weeks. The yellow mineralized tartar lasts longer.
But the oral flora is already in balance after 1-2 weeks.
This protects your dog from pathogenic bacteria. The bacteria can no longer multiply undisturbed on the tartar.
It simply comes off later.
If the teeth are clean: Only in the evening 2 teaspoons mixed with quark or 1/2 stick to nibble on.
This prevents a coating from forming.

Dental care - even more effective!

Licked from the licking mat < Lickimat > – QCHEFS spreads even better and
< One bite and gone > is impossible!   
The tongue glides over the licking mat and twists into the mouth.
Well distributed and  changes can be seen quickly.   

Pollutant-free / durable:
QCHEFS Lickimat Bundle:      
Deliciously licked & effectively brushed teeth 

For puppies - because nibbling is healthy!

Dental care for puppies: Bacteria often multiply undisturbed.
A daily look in the mouth and nibbling QCHEFS is important for a healthy mouth.
The immune system builds up with the teeth.

Vital natural vitamins and minerals are needed! They stay in through gentle finishing:
Vitamin K 1 for blood formation and vitamin B complex for metabolism – calcium for teeth and bones – also iron-magnesium- zinc and microelements – such as copper and manganese.

When changing teeth: QCHEFS from the freezer!
The swelling of the gums and the itching is gone.
The teeth come through more easily. Not bite-through and gentle on teeth!