For nibbling cats: Clean the teeth first!

Great – when it crunches!
Mminis are then the right ones.

The crunch is a pleasure for your cat.
QCHEFS spreads in the mouth and works – makes cleaning teeth fun!

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How do cats love it?

Crunching Mminis – makes your cat proud and relaxed!
Pure or in a treat – like yogurt broth, or softened in feed juice – it is familiar and flatters the palate.

Skeptics: 3 crumbs of a Mmini as a finger lick with a treat – offered more often and will be added to the diet! Then also on the bottom of the bowl and then wet food added!

Always new with treats

– like a blob of tuna butter, jelly, sauce, broth or some food – what she knows and likes: QCHEFS is extra tasteless!

What exactly happens in the mouth?

Antibacterial peptides in cottage cheese stop pathogenic bacteria. Daily mineral household balanced important for cats: they do not store!
If teeth are clean – no new plaque forms!

Start with intensive inflammation and remove tartar with dental flakes or dental  charcoal. It spreads well in the mouth and works.
Even more effective: licked from the Lickimat – it spreads even better and one bite and gone is impossible.

What else can dental charcoal do?

Healthiness in – bad things out – without side effects and vitamin deficiency!
Strengthened gut & immune system: Prebiotics-
Vitamins and minerals released in the intestine!
Gases, acids and toxins: They are bound and discharged by the activated carbon!

Can be monitored via blood values: liver and kidneys relieved!
– for a long and healthy life, even in young cats!

How and when to use it?

In the emergency kit!
Diarrhea – nausea until recovery

Cure: Inflammation and tartar gone – after worming or antibiotics intestines built up!
Long-term: liver and kidneys relieved!

Optimal in alternation!
Dental Flakes & Dental charcoal!
Ration: ½ teaspoon
in the morning and evening

If the teeth are clean: 1 x daily. And no new coating forms.

1 teaspoon of dental charcoal contains 1g of biochar
Dental charcoal with medication: As a precaution
Alternatively, mix Dental Flakes with organic coconut or discuss the release profile with your vet.

Everything is back in balance! Give it a try! Being healthy pays off!