For non-chewers: Clean teeth first!

Licked up with relish! – and optimally supplied:
Daily mineral balance – kidney toxins
Tied and teeth clean – it’s that easy!

Intensively clean teeth:

1. Dental flakes & organic coconut
Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of yogurt on the licking mat and sprinkle some organic coconut on top!


2. dental charcoal
Ready-mixed: Dental flakes + organic coconut + activated charcoal –
2 teaspoons of yogurt on the licking mat and delicious black crumbs on top.

What exactly happens in the mouth?

Intensive teeth cleaning:
Bad breath – inflammation gone! Tartar usually begins to dissolve after 6 weeks. Before sick makers
Bacteria protected! If it takes longer – just keep going: Suddenly it’s gone!

How does your cat love it?

Start: 3 crumbs of finger lick with snack paste – so they get familiar quickly and into the prey scheme!
Offer skeptics several times: It’s gone after all!

Always with a treat – like a blob of tuna butter, jelly, sauce, broth or some food – or whatever she knows and likes: QCHEFS is extra

Effective as a final morsel: Sprinkled from the Lickimat over yogurt or snack paste! – it takes on flavor and flatters the palate.
It spreads well in the mouth and works.

Dental care – even more effective!

Licked from the lick mat <Lickimat > – QCHEFS spreads even better and one bite and gone is impossible! The tongue is drawn long over the licking mat and with a twist into the mouth – super distributed and changes can be seen quickly.

What else can dental charcoal do?

Healthy in – bad out – without side effects and vitamin deficiency!
Strengthened gut & immune system: Prebiotics-
Vitamins and minerals released in the intestine!
Gases, acids and toxins: Are bound and discharged by the activated carbon!

Can be monitored via blood values: liver and kidneys relieved!
– for a long and healthy life, even in young cats!

How and when to use it?

In the emergency kit!
Acute: Diarrhea – nausea until recovery
Cure: Inflammation and tartar gone – after worming or antibiotics gut built up!
Long-term: liver and kidneys relieved!

Optimal in alternation!
Dental flakes & dental charcoal!
½ teaspoon
in the morning and evening

If the teeth are clean: 1 x daily. And no new coating forms.

1 teaspoon of dental charcoal contains 1 g of biochar

Dental charcoal with medication:

As a precaution, mix dental flakes with organic coconut or discuss the release profile with your vet.

That’s how it works! – the long healthy life!
Why not give it a try!