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with cottage cheese and carob


Toothbrush and chocolate at the same time – the cottage cheese neutralizes the bacteria and the fruity delicious taste makes it the perfect piece of dog chocolate – no hazardous ingredients and with happy makers.

Mouth healthy = dog healthy!

The naturally antibacterial effect is reduced the plaque bacteria in the mouth. QCHEFS cheese needs to spread well in the mouth and can be so effective to combat bad breath and tartar!
Daily dental care is the basis for a healthy dog life.

QCHEFS dental care – little is already effective!

Proved by new science:  QCHEFS heese is the active ingredient. It has a peptide complex – which attaches to the cell walls of the bacteria. So they can not multiply anymore. The bad breath is gone and the tartar dissolves. This is supported by the special interaction of the ingredients. This ensures a very good mouth hygiene, health and well-being.

QCHEFS Snackies

  • the fruity and sweet taste of carob
  • harmonizes the digestive system
  • grain free with buckwheat
  • healthy teeth and gums
  • neutralizes the mouth flora, antibacterial
  • remineralizes damaged tooth enamel
  • free of grain, lactose and additives

The chewing preference of your dog determines the choice of QCHEFS consistency.

Foot size and condition of the teeth define the QCHEFS ration:

For chewers!

Daily dental care: at least 1 -3 depending on dog size in the evening AFTER the food

Intensive against tartar: 2-fold QCHEFS ration over 3 – 5 weeks.

The treats are crispy, pleasant to chew and more active the chewing reflex.

Popular among these are QCHEFS toothbrush flakes or QCHEFS cheese bones.

Provide water. Supplementary feed for dogs.

Ingredients & Nutrition


20% dairy products, buckwheat (no grain), carob, bio-glyzerin (from coconut oil), rapeseedoil, coconut oil



iron 25 mg/kg, zinc 15 mg/kg,magnesium 720 mg/kg,calcium/phosphor 1,3:1



vitamin B3 2,67 mg/100g, vitamin B5 4,82 mg/kg, vitamin B6 0,433 mg/kg, vitamin B9 6,47 µg/100g


  1. 5 kcal/Snackie

Analytical components:

  • 29.7%crude protein
  • 3,36% crude ash
  • 4,9%crude fat
  • 5,7%crude fiber
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Feeding Instructions

Dietary supplement for dogs. Suitable reward between meals. Always provide fresh water.