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Dental Flakes for Cats


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Mouth healthy = cat healthy!

The naturally antibacterial effect is reduced the plaque bacteria in the mouth. QCHEFS cheese needs to spread well in the mouth and can be so effective to combat bad breath and tartar!

Daily dental care is the basis for a healthy cat life.

For cats of all ages

QCHEFS dental care – little is already effective!

Proved by new science:  QCHEFS heese is the active ingredient. It has a peptide complex – which attaches to the cell walls of the bacteria. So they can not multiply anymore. The bad breath is gone and the tartar dissolves. This is supported by the special interaction of the ingredients. This ensures a very good mouth hygiene, health and well-being.

Daily dental care: ½ tsp in the evening AFTER the food for licking
Feeding Tip: Mix a paste with water or butter,

1 teaspoon cottage cheese, food or something tasty.

Intensive against tartar: 2-fold QCHEFS ration over 3 – 5 weeks.

Provide water. Supplementary feed for cat.

80g/ Tüte (8,11 € / 100g)

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QCHEFS – endlich gesunde Zähne!

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