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Removing tartar from cats: how to keep costs to a minimum!

Remove tartar from your cat
– without a hole in the household budget! Even better: No anesthesia with side effects for your cat – only for removing tartar. Valuable news for being healthy and saving money:

How much does it cost to remove tartar from a cat?

At the moment: Veterinarians will charge according to the 2017 fee schedule in 2020 – depending on the effort, practice equipment, time required and complications:

Minimum cost cat tartar removal:
Scaling: 12,84 – 38,52 €
Injection anesthesia: 19,24 – 57,72 €
This only involves removing tartar. You should expect to pay around €100. And you need to know: she will survive. But please don’t save money at the wrong end – especially when it comes to anesthesia. Inhalation anesthesia costs twice as much – but can be better managed. There is less late damage to the kidneys and heart.
New alternative: Science and technology make it possible to remove tartar from cats – without anesthesia and at minimal cost. Prevention is also possible!

How to remove cat tartar and minimize costs?

In both cases, the vet should check whether dental diseases are present in addition to tartar and inflammation. X-rays are essential: only 15% of them are visible.
1. Your cat has toothache and the vet has diagnosed dental disease.

Before dental treatment: Dental flakes 2 – 3 weeks – ½ teaspoon in the evening to lick up. Inflammation is reduced. Tartar comes off quickly. The treatment time – and thus also the anesthesia time – is significantly reduced. The risk of complications is reduced after treatment. This also reduces costs!

2. you have recognized your cat’s dental problem in good time. It’s all about removing tartar and reducing inflammation.

As home dental treatment: Dental flakes 8 weeks – ½ TL in the evening to lick up.
Inflammation is eliminated. Tartar comes off. Anesthesia is not required. Cost: 6,49 € ! – then prevent tartar from forming again. Because now you know what it costs to remove tartar from your cat!

Katze Zahnstein entfernen

How to remove tartar from <cat tartar removal costs>?

The active ingredient in the dental flakes is cottage cheese. It contains naturally antibacterial peptides. They adhere to the cell walls of the bacteria. These can no longer reproduce. In addition, natural vitamins and minerals strengthen the immune system. This is the second pillar of dental health. The fossilized bacterial network dissolves. The tartar can no longer adhere to the tooth and comes off. Inflammation of the oral mucosa and gums is also caused by bacteria. The dental flakes protect against this. They bring the oral flora back into balance.

Specific answer to your question:

How expensive is tartar removal in cats?

The bill for removing tartar is at least 100 €. Choose inhalation anesthesia for less stress and late damage to the kidneys and heart. 60 € in addition.
New alternative: dental flakes reduce inflammation and dissolve tartar. Before/after they reduce treatment and anesthesia time as well as costs. Perfect for prevention!

In a nutshell:

Cat tartar costs: dental flakes reduce them significantly! You no longer need anesthesia to remove tartar. Naturally antibacterial, inflammation is reduced and tartar is dissolved. New knowledge for the health of our animals!

By the way: More information is available at: www.qchefsdental.de

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