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Brushing teeth for swallower!


– begin to stick like chewing gum upon contact with saliva!

– cannot be swallowed even for medium and large dogs from 1/3 stick

– this is how swallower learn to chew!


Rock hard:

– not bite-through for small dogs! Saliva softens the stick

– then it can be removed by the teeth


Dental flakes:

  – only have to spread in the mouth and can then work!

QCHEFS cheese – no chance for plaque bacteria!

That’s how it works:

QCHEFS cheese uses the natural antibacterial effect of milk proteins – known from grandma’s curd cheese wraps to neutralize plaque bacteria. They are the cause of bad breath, plaque and tartar. Cottage cheese peptides are deposited on the cell walls of plaque bacteria. So they can no longer reproduce.

Loosen tartar: double the amount given for 2-3 weeks – harder tartar takes longer. The scratch test shows whether the tartar is soaked. Then you can mechanically support the release.

Teeth and gums stay healthy: feed QCHEFS cheese daily! – so plaque bacteria stand no chance. The individual rhythm can be found by observing the formation of plaque.

All QCHEFS cheeses have the same effect! – and it is not important how long it is chewed – it must be well distributed in the mouth and be able to work for a few hours – preferably in the evening as a bedtime treat. If the dog is thirsty – it is better to let it drink beforehand.

QCHEFS cheese – 100% baked nature as a healthy treat!

– only with the high-quality protein of cottage cheese

– Of course, all vitamins and minerals are also included – such as

Vitamin K1, vitamin B complex – Cu, Mg – Fe- Zn -Ca – so it only takes healthy nutritional substances!

QCHEFS cheese – low in calories and fat! – cannot be overfed.