About us

Developed by a microbiologist

At the age of 7, Anke reads an old book about Robert Koch. At the age of 30 – already a recognized scientist – she rediscovers the book by chance. She looks inside with a smile and asks herself: Has he been my role model all this time? Microbiology is her passion and she feels the same way as he does: just doing research is not enough for her – science also has to solve problems! – she says, and develops natural products that are good for people, animals and the environment.
They are honored worldwide – from NASA to the European Award for Sustainability. But she simply carries on working unimpressed.
With a wink, she places the book between her awards and says quietly: Well – girls can do it too!

Why is it so important to us?

Healthy teeth at last! The promise
applies. The Q stands for quality from Germany.

Holistically sustainable: Starting with regional purchasing wherever possible, through sustainable and careful production to paper-only packaging and everything else that goes with it.

Best price-performance: The greatest possible benefit – such as dental care + strong immune system + intestinal health – further developed with the 2 in 1 QCHEFS – makes it more than affordable dental care.
The big difference: no side effects!

Everything from a single source: QCHEFS researches, manufactures, supplies and advises you!

Consistently sustainable! Why is that so important?

The reason for reasons: New science for solving problems better and making them really sustainable! This starts at Regional and runs through all processes. Natural products with the smallest footprint! This was recognized with the Green Tec Award in 2015.

Thanks for your support:
Everyone is happy about the larger bags made of ONLY paper! Once again real pioneering work – which costs many a gray hair!
It doesn’t matter: QCHEFS wants to be a role model! The bags from other manufacturers may look like paper – but the inside is plastic and resealable, making recycling impossible. Remember – when you fill the QCHEFS cans.