Toothpaste dog or healthy + cheap cheese treats?

Toothpaste dog is on your shopping list? And you brush your dog’s teeth because you love him, knowing full well that your dog will only put up with it because he loves you too. Find out more about the

Ingredients of the toothpaste for your dog. We have listed the 3 most popular ones for you:

  1. Ingredients of the Toothpaste dog – from the TV commercial :
  2. Aqua
  3. Dicalcium phosphate – dry skin, eczema, gastrointestinal problems, allergies
  4. Silicic acid
  5. Cellulose filler and plaster
  6. Saccarin sweetener with known effects – insulin resistance, weight gain
  7. Flavor- Taste
  8. Parabens – hormone substance suspected of causing cancer

The following example should actually show that the alternatives are better, but it was very surprising that the ingredients were even more questionable.

B. Ingredients of the toothpaste dog- from the vet:

  1. Glucose oxidase – antibiotic from mold
  2. Lactoperoxidase- antibacterial effect- suspected cancer
  3. Potassium thiocyanate – for the production of pesticides, plastics and metal stains with hazardous substance labeling (from Wikipedia)
  4. Ingredients of the toothpaste dog – as a gel:
  5. Amylase
  6. Glucoamylase
  7. Glucose oxidase
  8. Lactoperoxidase
  9. Potassium thiocyanate,

+ Lysozyme, lactoferrin, mild polishing components, flavorings

Here again Potassium thiocyanate – highly toxic – but according to the manufacturer – in small quantities it is probably not. The safety data sheet states under effects: Excitement, vomiting, irritant effects, cardiac arrhythmia, loss of the positioning reflex and ataxia (movement coordination disorders), convulsions and develops toxic gases with acids -What happens in the stomach?

Here is the manufacturer’s response to the dog toothpaste:

…. The hypothiocyanate released from the potassium thiocyanate has a high
Animal naturally acts as a bacterial inhibitor in saliva.

The dog also absorbs the toothpaste via the mucous membranes. Not even rinsing with water has been recommended. It is certainly not natural and the side effects have not been researched. And you certainly want to spare him this.

Alternative to toothpaste dog

100% natural cheese treats without preservatives, flavorings, E-numbers or even questionable ingredients.

It has been scientifically proven: Cheese neutralizes caries bacteria and acids. Natural, without chemicals and health risks. The cottage cheese was combined with superfoods, such as buckwheat, carob or rice and

valuable fatty acids of rapeseed oil and coconut oil. This not only keeps the teeth clean and smooth, but also provides the body with all the important nutrients and anabolic substances: vitamins A, C, E, B complex and minerals Mg, K, Na, Fe, also Ca + Zn for the dog’s increased requirements. Trace elements such as Cu + Mn + folic acid are sufficiently present.

And not to forget: all essential amino acids with 30 % of the valuable milk protein.

Here are the ingredients of QCHEFS cheese treats compared to toothpaste:

  1. Cottage cheese
  2. Buckwheat (not cereal), carob or rice
  3. Rapeseed oil
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Vegetable glycerine for the chewing gum effect

Now all you have to do is choose your favorite treat – puffed for chewing or hard as a rock for nibbling – and the subject of “brushing teeth” will be put to rest. Just try it out at or at your dealer. We are looking forward to your feedback – your QCHEFS team!

Zahnbürste Hund
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