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How does Dental Charcoal work?

Healthy things in – bad things out! Activated carbon filled – this is how
no long-term vitamin deficiency. Activated carbon attracts like a magnet dental flakes + organic coconut – releases them in the small intestine and is free-
to eliminate gases, acids and toxins – so the intestine is healthy.
Kidneys relieved: But clean the teeth first!

Extra tasteless: 3 crumbs of finger lick with snack paste.
It has to be delicious! Offered to skeptics several times and
suddenly it’s gone! Does your cat know it? – on the bottom of the bowl and. Final nibbles have a more intensive effect.

Dental Charcoal: Intensive recipe already mixed!
Delicious crumbs of dental flakes + organic coconut with 1 g of biochar per teaspoon with a little yogurt from the Lickimat.

Spread well in the mouth as a final treat- the natural antibacterial peptides in cottage cheese are effective. The undisturbed multiplication of the bacteria is stopped.
Bad breath and inflammation gone – tartar dissolves. Bacterial toxins are bound and oral flora is in balance.

Simply less protein for carnivores is not a good idea!
Much better: Toxic ammonia is already produced during protein degradation with
to bind activated carbon! This permanently relieves the liver and kidneys.
Thanks to new science! In human medicine, too, kidney patients are treated with
activated charcoal filled with nutrients – like dental charcoal with dental flakes and
Organic coconut oil. Long-term
Vitamin deficiency can be controlled via blood values: creatinine phosphate
Urea is lowered and kidneys stay healthy for longer.

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How does Dental Charcoal solve our problem?

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